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“I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection- Sigmund Freud”. Yes!! Father is our all time hero. And fathers day is the one in which we can make our super hero feel special. We all love our parents for granted. But the little acknowledgement we express on this day makes them feel worthy of being our Dad. The selfless love they have given us need nothing less than a life to thank. But the celebration of such a puny day can do wondrous emotional building between a father and child.

Importance of Fathers Day

Ms Sonora Louise Smart Dodd of Washington had this very great idea of celebrating father day just like we pave to our mothers. We always consider father as second to mother in parental duties. But we have to make a glance at the effort they have taken to bring us to what we are today. So a little memento to our hardworking and loving dad will give us nothing less than a heavenly bless. Children always choose their father for their emotional and social wellness. For sons, their fathers are idols and role models and for daughters, they are the best gentleman whom they adore always. The amount of inspiration a child aspires from their paternal side worth more than anything.

A little History

Father’s day is believed to be celebrated from ancient days. Traces of this celebration are noted back to even Babylonian days. Since the origin is not so sure, the little celebration dates differently in different countries. And in some places people bring out the little love to their own countries.

My father didn’t tell me how to live; he lived and let me watch him do it-Clarence Budington Kelland.

Yes! Every child wishes to say the same. But celebrating father’s day let alone doesn’t do the job. Being loyal, responsible and onus to our parents makes everyone’s life much wonderful.


Best gift ideas for your dad

Being home with the wonderful person for your today’s life is best idea for Father’s day. A day without schedules of events, totally out of margin especially for your dad, would make them feel happier for life. A little effort can enrich the memories to great extends. Planning a small party with family, inviting his old friends for the remembrance of good old days, a colorful card that bring in your child hood with him, spending hours talking with him about anything around, taking photographs of the day, photo slide shows of old photographs and last but not the least the words of gratitude through your words of love.

Father’s day gives us the chance to thank our Dad for all the care and concern they offered us from time immemorial. Hence father’s day are said to be marked in their memory for the life. Whoever is your father, whatever be the things they have done to you, the relationship between a father and child is everlasting. And a small gift of a day’s celebration would take this relation mile forward and you will get back the best dad for so ever. So it would be the best to mark the next father’s day and celebrate to its fullest.

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