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My Hobby : Essay , Article , Speech , IELTS Cue Card , Paragraph

My Hobby : Essay , Article , Speech , IELTS Cue Card , Paragraph

Gardening As My Hobby

Hobby Meaning

An activity carried out for our recreation is called as a hobby. It can be anything that we love doing. These hobbies help us to love our inner self and relax our minds. It keeps us happy and content. They are not done because somebody pressurized to do so. They are not done for money. They are rather done because you feel happy doing so. Hobbies differ from person to person depending upon your taste. There are many hobbies for all kinds of people in this small world.

My Hobby : Essay , Article , Speech , IELTS Cue Card , Paragraph

My Hobby – Gardening Essay

One of those happiest hobbies that give you joy and happiness is gardening. The very scene of flowers blooming and petals gaining their dark and bright colours fills me with extreme joy. I have a little yard behind my house. I grow all sorts of fruits and vegetables I love in this little mud space. Based on the season, you can see varied colors that fill my yard. Summer is the time for watermelon creeping in and out of my small yard. I also have a mango tree that is slowly sprouting at one end of my yard. Green peas and tomato is also seen amongst the others. I wake up early morning to flower my little buds. However, I do not let my hobby come in between my studies. I indulge in extreme gardening during my vacations. It is my job and I love it so, to pluck out the weeds and other plants that disturb the growth of my fruits and vegetables. So far I have only told about my back yard.

My Hobby : Essay , Article , Speech , IELTS Cue Card , Paragraph

Essay on Garden at My Home

I have a lawn in front of my house of which me, myself is in charge. I purchased cute little flower pots for my roses and jasmine. Pudina is another set of leaves that you can see in my lawn. The hibiscus gives us a beautiful feeling when you look at it in the morning. With the perfect blend of colours, my flowers look as if they have exploded from rainbow. With a willow tree growing in front of my house, it is the perfect shade to keep away the scorching heat. I usually sit under this tree when I need to complete my homework’s on the Sundays. My parents are quite proud with how I deal with the yard and lawn. This gives me chills of happiness along with the joy I obtain when I see new fruits blooming. I keep a separate calendar to keep track of each and every plant and how much water they require. Over watering may lead to its destruction. So I keep measure cups while watering to avoid this problem.

I am quite elated with what I have done with my lawn and yard. I am proud to say that gardening is my hobby.

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