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False Advertising Effects , Essay , Advantages , Disadvantages

False Advertising Effects , Essay , Advantages , Disadvantages

False Advertising is the use of wrong, deceptive, fraudulent statements in the advertisements to attract the intention of people. False advertising is the act when someone is telling about the features of something which are wrong in reality. For example, someone is selling laptop and saying that it is the latest model, there are no errors in this laptop, this laptop has high quality material etc, but in reality, he is selling a used, cheap quality, old version laptop. Another example is, someone is announcing the good deeds and good intentions of a specific person so that other people can allow him to rule over but in reality that person who is giving wrong statements is paid. This is false advertising and may result in many damages from individual to a nation.

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False Advertising

Effects of False Advertising

False advertising is a very wrong act of presenting and advertising something because it leads to the misconceptions and omissions which can never be improved. It is wrong according to ethical, religious, and social point of views. But people do not understand the damages of this wrong advertising. I know a person, he was trying to but a good phone on low price. He tried an online shopping website; there he found a smart phone on low price. He was surprised to see that phone on low price and ordered it because the website was explaining many features of that phone. But when he received his order, it was a useless phone with very low quality touch system and oldest software. So what we can do with such lying sites? We can enter a case in cyber crime but people do not do this.

Disadvantages of False Advertising

False advertising also cover many other aspects. In news paper, there are also some ads which are totally fake and just a wrong way of earning by the one who submitted that add. So news paper editors must ensure that the ad they are posting is based on reality and fulfils the quality level. The only way of minimizing such false advertisements is to act against such fraudulent people.

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