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Nationalism in France / French Revolution Essay , Article , Speech , Paragraph

Nationalism in France / French Revolution Essay , Article , Speech , Paragraph

What is Nationalism ?

Nationalism in France Essay , Article , Speech , Paragraph : When we talk about modern ideologies, we cannot forget to mention about French Revolution, which is the very monumental event in the history of human. That French Revolution was named as “Nationalism”. Nationalism refers to the practice of a specific culture and devotion towards a specific nation. The extremism in nationalism can lead the national towards the ethnic cleaning and intense patriotic feeling. The moderate form of nationalism binds a nation in the chains of love, peace, patriotism and unity.

French Revolution - Nationalism in France

What Happened After French Revolution ? / Nationalism in France After French Revolution

Before French revolution, France was divided in different regions and various religions. A single link which relates them was the rule that everyone has to serve the king. A sense of membership was appeared in the French people in 18th century. The sense of slavery was started to reduce in French people and they started thinking other than the service of King. They started to think themselves as the common citizens of France, not the slaves. These thoughts were the ignition steps of nationalism.

Concept of Nationalism in France

Before this Nationalism concept, in the old regime, every citizen belonged to some estate. The estates were divided according to the classes like middle class, elite class etc. The third estate, which was consisted of middle class and the peasants, decided to declare itself as national Assembly in 1789. It was decided then each individual will cast his own vote instead of one vote from each house. On 26th August, 1789, That National Assembly issued “Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen” which was a very significant step in the history of France.

Information of Nationalism in France

The height of French Nationalism was when the French Army was busy in the war with European states in 1790s.  That army was national army, who was supported in the arms of people, composed of honest officers selected on merit and with feelings of fighting for their own nation. Those troops were fighting with enthusiasm of love for their own nation. There are two kinds of nationalism, ethnic and civic. These two kinds of nationalism were based on ethnicity and common believes respectively. The French Nationalism was of civic kind where the thoughts and believes of citizens were promoted.


When we study about Nationalism in France, we are introduced to a thought of living together and respecting each other’s belief. French Revolution actually opened new doors of success and development.

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