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Outdoor Games : Essay , Article , Que Card , Paragraph , Speech

Outdoor Games :  Essay , Article , Que Card , Paragraph , Speech

Describe an Outdoor Games that you did for the first time.

We all play games. Either within our gates or outside in a sunny beach or in a windy park. The games that we play in the open air are called as outdoor games. These games give us a chance to exercise our body, recreate our mind and also to get a breathe of fresh air. Many Indian games are mostly outdoor. Almost every common game that we know is played outside in the mud or in the lawn.

Outdoor Games :  Essay , Article , Que Card , Paragraph , Speech

Outdoor games are a part of the education system. Even the people, who write textbooks, believe that proper exercise for the brain and the body must be given in order to study properly. Hence, games are mentioned in the curriculum. Many schools are made or direct to have large playgrounds and courts for the ease of their students. Students are encouraged to take part in various outdoor games competition to inspire and motivate the other shy students.

Importance of Outdoor Games

Outdoor games are definitely of great importance. Our brain gets tired after extreme studying in an approximate time of 45 minutes. When are brain is stressed, it can’t take any more information and it gets distracted. This is why most of our classes in schools do not go beyond an hour. When we distract ourselves and go and play in the sun, our mind and body is refreshed and we are ready to take in more knowledge. This type of schedule helps us to relax as well as improve our health. It is also a great way to built and develop our personality. Team work is another important trait that you learn while playing amongst your friends. Co- operation and unity never becomes difficult for people who play in the sun often. We have a captain in charge for most of the games. This helps us to learn obedience and to abide by the rules.

Even the government and public promote outdoor games. For the betterment of the society and its people, various stadiums and practice courts are set up across the country. We have various Association’s that deal with a particular game and motivate and promote the players for a bigger game. We also have All India Organizations for games and sports. They is no gender differentiation while promoting games amongst people. Both girls and boys are equally encouraged to attend games and win big. Those who have decided to go beyond boundaries in sports have indeed got a chance to play for the country and more. People who show true sportsmanship inspire others. Hence they are given the position of leaders and captains in this sports world.

Outdoor Games :  Essay , Article , Que Card , Paragraph , Speech

Playing helps you to grow. It helps you to mold yourself into something that you always wanted to be. So far playing outdoor games has showed only positive impacts except if you consider the injuries you may get from playing on the field. Sportsmanship is definitely celebrated in such situations.

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