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Teamwork : Essay , Speech , Article , Importance , Advantages

Teamwork :  Essay , Speech , Article , Importance , Advantages

Essay on Teamwork

Teamwork : Very often we come across team players who are ready to work in hand in hand with others. Such people have this special skill to motivate and encourage their fellow mates, and bring the shy ones forward.

Meaning of Teamwork

Teamwork is defined in the dictionary as the ability to work co-operatively with others. It also means to work competitively with your mates to win towards a goal. Team-work can be seen in every aspect of life. Be it in a school playground or a hectic scheduled office base. Team-work requires a pool of other skills to be initially built. Analysing a situation, observing, co- ordination, – co – operation etc are some of them. Team-work is all about the foundation of trust. You have trust amongst your mates that your mate will catch the ball thrown to him. So a team as it is has to work together and strive hard to achieve that common goal.

Teamwork :  Essay , Speech , Article , Importance , Advantages

Team work : Essay , Speech , Article , Importance , Advantages

Disadvantages of TeamWork

Teamwork is meaningless if you have any trust issues amongst the players or the people of the team. If you do not trust your fellow mates, that one single idea is enough to destroy and bring the whole team down. Every team has a leader who emerges as it is or is chosen initially. This person is in charge to direct the others what they have to do and to encourage them. The leader gives them directions and works with them rather than boss them around. The leader leads. He portrays certain different set of abilities that sets them different from the other team members.

Advantages of Teamwork

Motivation and positive spirit drives a team. With the sweat dripping from their chins and the strength of their shoulders they try their maximum together to get beyond the unexpected. An efficient functioning of a team is only seen when every member strives hard with every inch of idea they come up with and how they work together to achieve it to the profit of the entire team.

Why Teamwork is Needed Quality ?

Team-work is taught from a schooling basis because a child must know how to work with others and how to take the right decisions. This is one of the most vital soft skills that you can ever teach a child. This will later help in their future lives when they play for a basketball team or attend a group discussion in an interview for their dream job. Teamwork helps us to enhance the skills hidden within us. It makes sure that we are involved with everyone and hold everyone together in a tight knot.

Conclusion on Teamwork

Teamwork is indeed essential. It is a must that every growing kid is given a chance to built that skill for their future endeavours.

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