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Plastiq Review: Simple Way to Pay Your Taxes and Mortgage with Credit Card

Plastic Review: How to Pay Taxes and Mortgage with Credit Card?

Are you eager to encounter the drawbacks before you pay your mortgage and taxes with your credit card? Certainly, this article is for you.

The article shall walk you through a thorough Review of Plastiq as well as significant pros and cons hidden behind the financial “Phrase payment of mortgage and taxes with a credit card”.

Plastiq Review: Pay Your Taxes and Mortgage with Credit Card

Plastiq Review: Details, Pros, Cons

Payment of Mortgage & Taxes

Ahead we dive into the actual mechanism, let us understand the basic definitions of few terms.

Mortgage: It is a typical kind of loan that enables you with financial assistance to buy a property or a house. Mortgages pave the way to own a house or property bit by bit until you pay the loan and amount of interest on the mortgages. If failed to do so the lender holds the right to acquire your house in the form of possession.

An individual is entitled to pay taxes on his/her annual income, assets, and profits to the government of their particular country.

Basically, payment of the mortgage and taxes refer to the process of paying the amount of interest on the mortgages and tax on the property or house inherited from mortgage loans.

Payment of Mortgage & Taxes via Credit Card

Irrelevantly, the answer is yes there are various possible ways in order to pay your mortgage and taxes through a credit card. Fortunately, it relies on the type of credit card the user holds(apart from Discover or Mastercard a user cannot use other cards ), the cost for processing the payments, and most importantly involvement of a third party.

  • Based on the type of credit card (Discover or Mastercard)
  • Charges for the processing
  • Third-Party Involvement (Plastiq)

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Plastiq Review

Plastiq is a platform that enables one user, especially whose major problem is cash flow to pay his/her bills through a particular credit card or debit card. It was launched in the year 2012 extending a helping hand in the terms of payment and is also holding the history with 2+ million registrations by consumers and businesses, 1,50,000+ payments by various businesses moreover $ billion processed payments and currently, it is still counting.

Plastiq Features (Features of Plastiq)

  • Plastiq facilitates cost-free with unlimited bank transfers and is suitable for any kind of enterprise due to its accuracy, security, and organizing nature.
  • The services could satisfy one consumer holding a rational behavior by providing acquisition of perfect deal under huge competitive exchange rates if he/she making payments abroad 40+ countries in 20+ currencies. As discussed earlier it has no limit restrictions in terms of amounts.
  • It provides the consumer to sync with the accounts of payments, bills, and vendors by merging QuickBooks online with Plastiq. This syncretization helps in paying automatically with just one click costing the least time.
  • A consumer can also switch to enable approvals that facilitate the consumer to permit his/her employee or accountant to complete the payment on behalf of the consumer by delegating approval. Plastiq send the customer an approval request via mail especially for a large number of bills.
  • Plastiq made tracking easy by updating and displaying your processing status at one place itself. Hence the consumer need not put effort nor waste time by surfing around the browser windows.
  • The software is advantageous as its special feature FFD’s (Fee-Free Dollars) are the rewards provided to the consumers which are useful to eliminate or reduce fee charges.

Payments & Pricing – Plastiq (Plastiq fees Canada & US)

Payment through Plastiq is possible by credit & debit cards with 2.85% charges, bank-to-bank ACH transfer, or EFT free of cost and Wire Transfer Payment Delivery with $ 40 to US and $ 60 to international respectively.

A consumer or enterprise may encounter restrictions based on the type of card he/she is holding cards such as VISA, American Express, and personal prepaid debit cards are not supported nor accepted.

Make sure to notice the processing time taken by Plastiq in order to avoid delayed payments. As Plastiq takes 3 business days for bank transfers, EFT’s & ACH as well as 8 business days for cheques especially in the countries like Canada and the USA.

In context to the above conditions of payments and pricing Plastiq made easy cash flows to the following payments:

  • Rent
  • Mortgage
  • Property Tax
  • Income Tax
  • Insurance
  • Car Installments
  • Tuition Fee
  • Regular utilities
[su_box title=”Editor’s Note on Plastiq Review” style=”glass” box_color=”#15166b” id=”Editor-Review”]

The article developed a clear picture of the software called Plastiq and reflected the types of payments such as mortgage & taxes that could be made particularly through credit cards. Hence it is advisable not only to consider the advantages but also to stay cautious with various drawbacks.[/su_box]

If you are the one who had the best experiences with Plastiq, please do share your experiences in the comment section.

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