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Russia – Ukraine War: Essay, Speech, Reasons, Effects, Outcomes

Ukraine – Russia War: Essay, Speech, Reasons, Effects, Outcomes

Introduction(Russia – Ukraine War) 

Ukraine is in the heart of the eastern part of Europe and comes under the second position regarding its size, followed by Russia. Kyiv, pronounced as Kiev, is the graceful capital city in north-central Ukraine, situated on the bank of the Dnieper River. On the other hand, Russia bridges the gap between huge Asia and Europe. Some people regard it as a vast- ethnic empire that possesses an enormous territory with treasured natural resources.  

Ukraine - Russia War: Essay, Speech, Reasons, Effects, Outcomes

Ukraine – Russia War: Essay, Speech, Reasons, Effects, Outcomes

Why does Russia – Ukraine War take place? 

In the last two years, 2021-2022, the build-up military hold of Russia over the Ukraine border is the sole reason behind the growing stress between the two vast countries. It has directly affected their bilateral relations, especially with the USA( United States of America). The US sent a clear message to Russia that the Russian economy would be in a mess after the invasion, followed by undesirable consequences.  

Russia seems to be planning for a third world war and has bombarded artillery, air attacks, and missiles during dusk hours on Thursday, 24th February 2021. Undoubtedly it is the worts security phase the European continent has come across in the last few decadeṣ. Kyiv is the real target as per Ukraine’s Internal Ministery, and they have requested all the citizens to reach the shelters at the earliest. It seems to be a pre-planned strategy as all five regions surrounded the country’s border. It includes Belarus in the north, Crimea in the South, with Russian forces entering through the borders of Ukraine.  

Russia – Ukraine War Effects

scholars have assumed that the invasion of Ukraine by Russia will directly disturb the crude supplies worldwide and will also interfere in the US and Europe’s sanctions. The world has been facing a crisis for the last few months regarding oil pricing and its supply. A line of stress has also developed between Russia and Ukraine. one should know that Russia holds second position worldwide in producing oil.  

UN’s action on Russia – Ukraine War  

Antonio Guterres, the chief of the United Nations, has clearly claimed the worst consequences of the war. According to him, it will affect the world economy and the devastating future of Ukraine. He has further announced an urgent meeting to abhor the cruel action of Russia towards Ukraine at the UN headquarters.  

India’s stand on Russia – Ukraine War  

India is being completely neutral, and in all the statements, it is evident that they want peace. They are hoping for a peaceful solution even though the Ukrainian government is not happy with the decision. They expect the Indian government to talk to Russia, as they share a friendly relationship.  

Conclusion on Essay on Russia – Ukraine War

It is too early to decide what will happen in the upcoming days. Presently, Ukraine has shut down all the transportation connectivity, including air, to avoid any airspace danger. Putin, the Russian here, has come with a declaration that they have left with no other choice but to defend. The Ukraine president believes that the whole plan is to get hold of Chernobyl, which is a substantial nuclear plant. Whatever happens, the entire world is praying for peace for sure! Let this war end soon! 

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