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Student’s Failure Teachers Faults | Not always the student is faulty

Not always the student is faulty. Teachers can be faulty too. | Debate about Not always the student is faulty. Teachers can be faulty too. | Student’s Failure Teachers Faults

When the system of gurukul was prevalent, the teachers used to take the place of parents during the student life. The students used to be absorbed in their studies and remain busy in the duties assigned to them. There was no question of politics. The old proverb of ‘spare the rod and spoil the child’ was also acceptable then. The history of corporal punishment is not unknown. We must have heard from our parents and grandparents that their teachers used to be very strict and they used to get a lot of beating in case of doing some mischief or for not completing homework. Even we might have also seen or heard a bit of this system when we used to be young.

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Earlier, the relationship between teacher and students were like parents and children. Of course the situation has changed now as it cannot be implemented in today’s world. Now the changed times have had a few effects on both the behavior of children and teachers. In this article we are discussing about the teachers. In today’s world all teachers do not adopt teaching as their career by choice. When talking about school teachers, there is a majority of them who get into the line of teaching by force. That population gets inside school by their high profile degrees but they might not have both aptitude and interest for teaching. They might be aiming for something else and they do the teacher’s job until they are securely placed in some other line. So those teachers are mostly seen to be concerned with the money. They do not do the regular classes properly and they always try luring students for the private coaching classes outside school. Parents leave their children in school with the hope that they acquire some good knowledge in school. But if such teachers are present then the money spent in school fees are already wasted. But the innocent student’s do not get the point. Instead they are misguided with the idea that without private tuitions they cannot do well in exams. Some teachers see their students only as a way of making extra money. This is the reason private tuitions have so much of demands and more than the higher secondary students, the lower classes are seen to be doing tuitions. For students of lower classes, a good school teacher is enough unless a student is exceptionally poor in a particular subject. It is no deny that there are teachers who give more importance to the students who take private tuitions from them.

Then comes the topic of corporal punishment is modern day schools. While dealing with school children, a teacher must be seriously patient. And this is a very difficult task. It is true that it is hard to control very small children. But being violent neither serves the cause. Respect can only be commanded. It cannot be demanded. Teacher training camps must seriously focus on this part. The trick of controlling small children is to be tactful in showing kindness, patience and love to them along with being strict. We sometimes hear that teachers lose temper or some teachers while trying to show strictness, imposes a great deal of cruelty on the children. Media reports such incidents sometimes about teachers beating students very badly on flimsy grounds. For minor faults, there have been children who have lost even lives as their teacher had beaten them ruthlessly. Children are not the means to show a teacher’s dominating power. Maybe a little of scolding or the better option, to make them understand kindly would have been enough. Even if the child did something very bad, the maximum punishment could have been to complain their parents and call them to school. Other part could have been controlled by the parents. Beating some child might force them to develop a kind of phobia of school. It might lower their self-esteem. Today’s children are sensitive. So school must implement certain limitations on a teacher as how to maintain a discipline in a class. Mere use of violence will only make students afraid of disobeying their teacher. They won’t actually respect them.

Laws on corporal punishments must be made stricter and if a case arises, proper enquiry must be done. Always the child do not deserve such thrashing, slapping and canning. A child might be facing many problems inside. He must be disturbed by some family problem, might be meek because of getting bullied, might be socially awkward or shy, etc. A proper lesson on child psychology must be taught to the teachers also. They must try to recognize these signs and try to rectify them by giving them confidence. This is what a teacher should focus as they are the architects of a nation.

Not always the student is faulty. Teachers can be faulty too. | Debate about Not always the student is faulty. Teachers can be faulty too. | Student’s Failure Teachers Faults

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