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This is a huge topic to be discussed. There are still many debates going on about this topic and I can bet you that it will go on life long as it is difficult to decide which is better as both have its equal share of advantages and disadvantages.  Firstly we need to know what are traditions and modernization in depth to decide which one is a boon and bane for our society.


Traditions refer to the set of rules, values and customs which we have to follow past so many generations. Each religion has its own set of traditions like for example Muslims have to pray to god for 6 times every day and Hindus should not wear any footwear inside the temple. Each country has its own set of traditions too like in Islamic countries such as Arab the women are not allowed to talk to any men on roads and women should wear a burkah while travelling outside. When it comes to traditions we have to take only the content which is beneficial for the growth of the people and the society. We have to discard the useless traditions that show any conspiracy towards any issues of the society.


Modernization is the phenomena that break the traditions. Modernization can also be defined as the new set of rules, values and customs to overcome the traditional ones. For example it was a custom to get the blessings of elders in the morning whereas nowadays we never even fall on anyone’s feet as that seems like a disgrace. Modernization has its own benefits such as only because of modernization women are allowed to work and stand on their own feet or else they would be destined to be in the kitchen forever. It is in our hands to decide which of the traditions has to be modernized in order to raise the society into a higher level of standards. I would also like to point out the fact that only because of modernization women have come out of the kitchen and become great leaders in today’s world. But there is also a point to be noted that only because of modernization there is an increase in the number of women being harassed, raped, etc especially due to their social lives habits of this century.


I will never argue on which one is more beneficial as both of the ideas has its own advantages and disadvantages which I mentioned above. The only perfect solution to balance both is to take the advantages of both and turn their disadvantages into advantages by looking for the perfect solution. For an example, women were not allowed to go to schools in the past but due to modernization women of these days are allowed to pursue their educations and are also allowed to set their own career paths in their life.


People of these days do not get the correct meaning of modernization and think these are all modernized lifestyles such as

  • Women going to bars, pubs, discos, etc
  • Taking the wrong path of life by getting involved in illegal activities such as drugs, alcohol, etc
  • Women wearing extremely short clothes and looking sexually appealing
  • People not taking care of their  family  and kids instead concentrating only on work
  • Leaving their parents in homage centers
  • Leaving their kids at childcare

These are a few wrong aspects of modernization which has brought complete disgrace to the traditions which were followed. These wrong aspects will make the entire concept of modernization a disastrous failure idea.


It is merely in our hands to make this society traditionally modernized in order for the benefits of the people, society, nation, country and world. Always keep in mind the words,

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; Working together is success

 – Henry Ford


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