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“It does not matter how many times you get knocked down, but how many times you get up.”

-Vince Lombardi


Sports occupy a vital position in the life of the country.  The above quote convey a very deep and relevant meaning about what does sports and sportsmanship means. They not only build up the physical strength of an individual but also nourish the mental well being and understanding. Sports teach us many things on the field of games as well as in life. They give way for the recreational activity and effective channelization of energy. They form an integral part of education and personality development.

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What values do sports provide?

Sports provide numerous essential values in one’s life such as-

  • Good spirit and team work
  • Healthy competition and fair play
  • Passion to succeed
  • Learning from failures
  • Appreciation of opponents
  • Strong will power
  • Repeatedly trying
  • Stamina, fitness
  • Courage and self control
  • Discipline and justice

One of the great values of sports is to provide physical fitness and health. It signifies the proverb “Health is Wealth”. Children should be encouraged more to be involved in sports activities and play atleast one sport daily. This will impart the above stated values and morals from childhood which will construct the base for good sportsmanship spirit and better development of the children.

Types of sports

Sports can be categorized into –

  • Indoor sports
  • Outdoor sports

There are various indoor and outdoor sports. Indoor sports like chess, billiards, table tennis, squash and others  accelerate the mental skills and the outdoor games like cricket, soccer, volleyball, basketball and many such increase the physical stamina and well being. All these sports require the use of various human facilities- swiftness, tactics, skill, strategy and such.

A country having good sportsmanship spirit is appraised on international level. It provides better goodwill, reputation, respect and recognition in the eyes of all. It brings pride and honour for the country. The spirit of sportsmanship and the values learnt from it can be used in any field a person is working.

Sportsmanship is a quality which is not exclusive to the players or spectators alone. This quality should be imbibed, inculcated and practiced by all in the sphere of life. It gives a calm, balanced and accommodating view of life. Thus, the value of sports and the spirit of sportsmanship play a vital role in the journey of life.

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