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Visit to a Blind school | Essay About Visit to a Blind School

The first time I visited to a blind school was when I was in eighth standard. It was one of the most heart touching experiences I have had till now. As a student our right hand and our eyes are the most important possession we have without which a normal person like me can never imagine what we would have done possibly. But after staying at the blind school for 2 hours, it changed my view. I understood how strong and powerful is a person’s willpower. And a man has so much strength within himself. It is the normal people with all physical features alright and in working condition tend to curse destiny for some reason or the other. Somewhere it is said that scarcity brings out the best in a person. And that was quite clear from the visit.

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The first time I did not realise that blind students would be so happy and energetic. That was the most positive thing about the school. I thought that the world would be so dark without eyesight. But eyesight cannot be greater than inner vision. They might have assumed a vision inside and that is what gives them strength. Sometimes I feel as if being blind they are lucky to be not seeing so much of cruelty and harshness in the world. Their vision is their key to drive them far in life.

I didn’t know about the system of reading which the blind adopt in order to study. Their normal textbooks were converted into braille texts and touching those dots they are able to recognize the letters and read fluently. Their sense of touch means them everything. Everyone holds a white stick in their hand to guide them while walking.

We went from our school and we took sweets and packet lunch for us all. These arrangement were sponsored by our school. And it was on the children’s day. It was the most memorable children’s day ever and I feel very lucky to have experienced that. They inspired me a lot and We all understood since then that blind are not helpless and piteous. They possess immense willpower and if supported properly they can go far. The school was a boarding one and blind students were taught to be self-sufficient from a very young age. That is very much required for them to gain confidence in themselves.

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