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Why Foreign Education System is better than Indian Education System

Why Foreign Education System is Better Than Indian

What is Education System ?

The development and progress of a country surely depends on the education. The countries that have the best education systems are the most developed countries of the world. The education system should be adopted in such a way that everyone can get benefit from it. Every person can get necessary education in a good education system. Secondly, good education systems teach the facts and practicable things, not the theories only. The main features of a good education system are:

  • Free education till middle level
  • High emphasis on practical
  • Encouragement of creativity
  • Developing good education policy every year
  • Implementation of education policy
  • Proper budget for education

Above mentioned things are most important for a good education system. Especially, free education and practical education. It is the nature of human being that they precisely understand what they practiced as compared to the theory they read.

Foreign Education System Vs Indian Education System

Why Foreign Education System is Better Than Indian Education System ?

The foreign education system is much better than Indian education but why? Why India is still behind the race of education? Why there is no Bill Gates in India? Why Indian students prefer to study abroad? Why many Indian prefer to settle in abroad for the bright future of their children? The answer of all these questions is “because of bad education system”.

Foreign Education System Vs Indian Education System

If we compare the foreign education system and Indian education system then we can understand many faults. For example, there is no free education in most the part of India, even the children under the age of 10 from poor families cannot get the necessary education and they are forced to work. In many developed countries of the world, education is free to some level, this encourages people to education their children.

Comparison of Foreign Education System over Indian Education System

The education system of India emphasizes on theory while in foreign countries like England, America, Australia etc, there are separate practical classes even for the students of grade one. They teach students to perform what they are learning from books. In India, most of the budget is spend on making weapons and tools of war just to defend the country but the authorities should understand that India will be nothing without education. So the emphasis should be on the development of good education system.

Foreign Education System Vs Indian Education System

A quote was written somewhere: “I was genius but Education ruined me”. This quote describes the faults in Education system because bad education system can ruin the nations while a good education system can change the status of nation in the world. India is one of the most populated countries of the world and responsible for providing man power in different countries of the world. But, the lack of proper education system and implementation of education policies is the major issue about education in India. The education system and policy should be revised in India to meet the international level of education. It will take time to improve but at least, it can show some change.

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