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Write A Short Report On Visit To A Bank

Write A Short Report On Visit To A Bank

28th  March ,2015


I was going with my father to the bank yesterday and what was more exciting than visiting a bank. We were  going at a HDFC bank. We arrived at a bank 11:30. We were going to open a account of my father at the bank. That was my first visit of bank such a large place that was. Every employs were busy in their work. I saw their were many different section. The first section, where two or three employs were sitting there  and every person was going there for getting a in information related to service of bank. The second section , at where a employees  there for helping to fill up form for open account in there bank. Third section was cash section , from there people was collecting that cash, at their people was waiting for their number and when the number was came they were going and collecting that cash. that section was totally covered section. And also there was a personal office, that was office of the manager. A manager ,who was the head of that branch.  We were going to the section at where a new account was open. My father was fill up the form. And in the bank I was also saw a machine, it was ATM machine, in that machine just we scratch   the card and got the money. And that ways my visit at the bank was over. It was great experience.

Visit To A Bank

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