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{Writing Guide} How to Write Great Movie Review?

Watching a movie is fun, especially when you love the content of the scenes. The movie is more interesting if the characters are played by one of your favorite superstars in the entertainment industry. The story of the movie depicts either fiction or real-life events that generates a connection with your personal lifestyle. Through your interest of the movie, you are able to materialize your reaction by creating a custom movie review. This tutorial will be talking about at least 8 tips to write an effective movie that will be used for the review.

Gods Not Dead movie review

Movie review Writing Guide

(1) Watching the movie is the most important tip because you will be exploring the movie by allowing your senses to absorb the visual images, moving scenes and allowing your auditory perception to understand the plot. Movies are symbols of entertainment that are always available in cinemas for the public to see. Viewing the scenes represents personal and emotional way of relating the plot with any personal reflections in real life.

(2) Research the movie after watching it. This is to fully understand the sequence and the production of the scenes that can generally understand the essence of each plot of the story. Researching about the movie increases your knowledge on how it was made and why it was produced by the entertainment industry.

(3) After watching and making a research about the movie, it is time for you to create a draft regarding the storyline of the movie. You will be initially creating a temporary write up that entail your initial perception of the film as well as reflecting your thoughts about the events that is related with your personal perception towards the movie.

(4) Organize your thoughts by making an outline of the write up. In this way, creating a systematic review prevents confusions that could cause confusions throughout the storyline that depicts the overall impression of the film being carried out by your thoughts. In this way, this will show all necessary ideas that help to reflect about the main point of view about the details of the movie being watched.

(5) Create a main statement when starting to write a review. This process will introduce the main ideas that will be discussed throughout the paper. Readers will be able to be informed on what will be the theme of the movie that reflects the character’s main point of reflection about the storyline of the movie. Without a statement, the reader becomes confused and will not confirm about the purpose of the storyline of the paper.

(6) Create a detailed description about the movie as it describes all angles of the scenes and circumstances. Detailing the plot of the story that focuses on the main ideas of the circumstances about the story and creating a short summary. Talk about the characters, the scenes, the props, lighting, color, visual perception, the sound, language, and the theme of the movie that describes the main idea. These are the elements that organize thoughts to fully appreciate the movie.

(7) React to the movie is the next step to show how you are going to confirm the details and the scenes. Discuss if the movie is relatable to real life because there are scenes that can be relevant to the ordinary life of the public. Analyzing the benefits and the challenges of the movie is essential because it drives interesting features that can be identified from the movie.

(8) Write the implications of the movie that represents all relevant insights taken from the scenes as well as the nature of the movie’s impact to your personal life. Reflection is an important way to describe how the movie was relatable with your personal views about several experiences that makes you a better person. This is an important way to figure out if the movie that you just watched can improve your knowledge about certain things and issues that might help you to improve your business perspective. Implications are relevant salient points that make a movie review important. This is because the analysis can be presented in a uniformly manner that satisfies the interest of the readers as well as critics.


After learning about these eight tips to write an effective movie review, do not forget to proofread your review. Proofreading is an essential way for the writers to prevent technical errors associated with their outputs. This is done every after writing the whole analysis and review of the film. Topographical errors are highly intrusive and can easily distract the concentration of the readers who are trying to understand the movie review. Once the readers become distracted, the level of concentration is low and will instead search for other parts of the review that contains typographical errors. If a review contains numerous grammatical errors, the essence of the review is distorted because the chronology, presentation, and the nature of the discussion are poor. And lastly, do not forget to indicate the references to increase the credibility of your review. In this way, you will be able to strengthen all arguments presented from the review that can further maintain the concentration of the readers.

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