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Intellectual challenges faced by students in American academic writing

According to statistics, a generation born in the 1960s-1980s is much more competent than the current youth. The fact is that the life of modern children and adolescents confidently flooded with new technology – computers, laptops, tablets, and iPhones. Such gadgets not only take a significant part of the time required for quality education but, unfortunately, also contribute to degradation. Many students have problems with academic writing.

But nonetheless, how to do the writing paper, without errors, will never lose its relevance, because knowledge is just like classical music, is valued at all times.

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What are intellectual challenges?

  1. For the first time faced with the desire to perform scientific work, a student suddenly lowers his hands, because he does not imagine how technically correct to execute it.
  2. Often, students have a rather low level of intelligence and this leads to an inability to write work on their own. So they turn to writing essay service, for example, .
  3. Learning is becoming more and more complex every year, and this leads to the reluctance of studying. And interest is the main engine of any research. Without interest, the work can also be done, but the research process will be depressingly boring, and the result will be boring to obscenity. But from history, we know that our best scientists were nature passionate, enthusiastic, talented, inquisitive, spiritually gifted. Sometimes scattered in everyday life, but bounded to the point of fact.
  4. Often, students are afraid to take an active part in scientific work, boldly disassemble the themes for performances, and exhibit themselves.

Some writing tips how to write and not be afraid? Advantages:

  • A competent person always makes a good impression on acquaintance, especially it is important for business people, at work communicate with potential clients in the epistolary genre;
  • knowledge is a powerful weapon that can be used to control other people;
  • father or mother who knows the language well, do not have to blush before a child-student who is raising a homework for examination;
  • Writing paper without errors is not difficult. Illiteracy always makes an unpleasant impression on other people, even if they do not submit to that type;
  • no computer program is able to correctly edit the text, this can only be done by a person!

How to write correctly without errors?

  • Read! A correct way to learn is to read fiction. Vision memory, even without your desire, will fix the spelling of complex words, linguistic conversions, and later you’ll be able to easily remember how to write one or another word correctly.
  • Approach to the choice of literature should be selective.
  • Pick up your reading books for your interests.
  • Write dictations. This is a complicated, but the most effective way to learn how to write correctly even the easiest custom essay.
  • Do not be afraid to look into the dictionary! Even professional proofreaders who have over ten years of practice always keep a spelling dictionary on the desktop to be able to always be sure of the correctness of writing a particular word;

Many students are sceptical about their knowledge, so wrong writing and lowering the level of intelligence also occur, and problems arise. It is possible to overcome these problems. It is only necessary to plan your work correctly in terms of improving your level of education and writing academic tasks.

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