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Top 7 Online Homework Help Resources Parents Should Know

Online Homework Help Resources: Helping your child with their homework can be frustrating and confusing, especially when you lack knowledge of the subject yourself. But the surge of technology and the rise of the Internet have offered students a learning opportunity that extends far beyond their usual learning environment.

Today, students and parents can take advantage of virtual learning, online study programs and tutoring, and a wide range of web-based resources and educational benefits that can help ease the stress associated with doing homework.

Whether you and your young one need help polishing up your spelling and grammar, solving math problems, or getting project ideas, these 7 online homework help resources will assist you in successfully completing assignments at home.

Online Homework Help

Top 7 Online Homework Help Resources For Parents

FactMonster is a free-to-use website operated by the Family Education Network. Here, you can find free resources not just for children, but for parents and educators as well.

From their homework center, you can find fun online math flashcards where kids and parents can practice addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication skills. You can also use the handy conversion calculator for all types of measurement units.

Apart from math-related tools and references, Fact Monster also comes with an encyclopedia, almanac, and atlas. Additionally, they offer tips and advice for writing assignments like essays, bibliography, biography, etc.


The KhanAcademy is a non-profit organization that aims to provide free top-quality educational tools and programs for students of all levels, anywhere in the world. Their website has a rapidly growing library of academic videos and micro lectures, as well as practice exercises and materials for teachers.

Parents can greatly benefit from this website as well. Here, they can brush up on different school subjects while guiding their children through their assignments, complete with visual aids. So if you need a crash course in literature or computer programming, or even just basic English grammar lessons, Khan Academy has got you covered with their nicely paced educational videos.


IHateWritingEssays is a third-party review site that evaluates online essay writing and homework help services. They’re comprised of a small team of writers who test out various academic assistance websites and determines whether or not they’re legitimate and safe to use by students and parents alike.

What’s great about this review and blog site is that they’re a one-stop destination for finding trusted writing services for students of all levels. They give insights and in-depth reviews, and gather feedback from customers who have previously used such services. Students and parents in need of fast homework help can easily find a reliable and budget-friendly homework helper from any of IHateWritingEssays’ recommendations.

KidInfo is one of the first websites dedicated to helping students with their assignments. Created by an elementary school instructor, Kid Info is an online library of homework help videos and PowerPoints, educational references and resources for parents and young children, as well as a search engine for kids. Simply search or click through various topics to find information on the subject you need.


This website is an online repository of free homework resources, primarily websites related to K-12 homework help. Information and learning materials are organized by grade level and topic, making extremely easy to use and navigate.

DiscoveryEducation is a global source of top-quality, highly engaging digital lessons, educational tools and resources for learners, parents, and educators. Here, you can find standards-based digital resources specifically tailored for K-12 students who want to expand their knowledge in subjects like science, math, social studies, and more.

For parents, it’s a great place to find resources for your child’s homework and an excellent guide to help engage your young ones and create a lasting academic impact even when you’re at home.

Scholastic Homework Hub

Homeschooled students and parents will definitely love this website. has a huge collection of learning toolkits geared toward grade-level students. You can find anything from flashcards, textbooks, storybooks, and educational toys for your kids.

Best of all, the site offers homework help by providing tips and hacks in which students and their parents can improve specific skills in managing and completing homework.


The convenience of being able to access and use online learning tools via smartphone, tablet, PC, and laptop opens a lot of great opportunities for students to learn outside the usual classroom setting. At the same time, parents are given a unique opportunity to listen in, monitor, and guide their young ones with online homework helpers.

Make sure to inform your kids that these resources are tools to help ease strees, solve problems and answer questions. At the same time, remind them that they need to cite and give credit to others’ work whenever necessary.

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