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6 Free PowerPoint Templates for Teachers and Educators

Crafting a presentation from scratch can be extremely time-consuming and burdensome. It not only takes away much of your energy but also saps you of your creative juices. Thus, it is always better to harness the power of technology and use expert-designed templates that fit right into your slides and make your presentations absolutely stunning.

Like other professionals, it is extremely crucial for educators and professors to make presentations that are easy to understand and well-structured. Thus, here are six such templates that can help you craft your next educational presentation.

6 Free PowerPoint Templates for Your Next Academic Presentations

Chalkboard Theme Template

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The first thing that comes to your mind when you think about education is the chalkboard! One of the best ways to cover any topics or make your classes more interesting is by using this chalkboard template. It will add a fun element to your lessons and make them more memorable. With illustrations like chalkboards, brushes, school bags, alarms, etc., this template is a perfect fit for all educational purposes. Get it now!

Elementary Rock Cycle Template

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Let’s accept it; geology can be tough and seem boring when taught through traditional methodologies. Hence, rock your classes with a captivating geology template, and explain concepts such as the rock cycle, mining, layers of the earth, etc., in a visually interesting manner through this deck. You can add this template to your presentations to make learning fun for students.

Green Doodle Template

020623 0245 6FreePowerP3

Make presentations an intriguing experience for your audience by using this template. With hand-drawn sketches and scribbled doodles, this template deck can be used in dynamic ways for multiple projects and presentations. This deck can be used for various purposes, such as for showcasing lesson plans, learning outcomes, etc. So, download this template and make the most of it in your next presentation endeavor.

Science Theme Template

020623 0245 6FreePowerP4

Students can find science as a difficult and complex subject. Thus, to make the subject easy for them, it is crucial to explain it through great visuals. A well-crafted presentation can ignite students’ interest and passion in the subject and improve their performance.

You can use this deck to explain scientific experiments, theories, principles, methodologies, etc. This template can also be used by students to depict their Science projects.

Graph Paper Theme Template

020623 0245 6FreePowerP5

Explain geometrical concepts, types of geometrical shapes, their areas, and much more with this well-structured template. With a grid background on each slide, it resonates perfectly with mathematics and can be used in a versatile manner by teachers and students. Its colorful and intriguing illustrations, such as the compass, pyramid, and quadrant, instantly captivate viewers and grab their attention.

Scientific Blackboard Theme

020623 0245 6FreePowerP6

Equations, formulas, theories, techniques, and innumerable figures. Sounds complicated, isn’t it?

Thus, a great way to impart knowledge on science in detail is by using well-designed templates that can help you organize your lessons and present them in an impeccable manner.

This deck features a green chalkboard backdrop that adds a sense of learning and makes the presentation more relatable. With multiple illustrations, this deck is an asset for all science educators and learners.


Creating high-quality presentations can be a game-changer for educators and students. It can open new doors of learning opportunities, expand one’s career, and lead to growth and success.

Thus, it is best to use exquisite templates to present your lesson, project, and research in an explicit manner.

We hope you find the templates mentioned in this blog post useful. Leave your comments!

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