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Top 10 Most Viral Android Apps Ever

Most Viral Android Apps Ever

Nowadays we all have a smartphone which has smart features. Now you don’t have to buy any high-end smartphone get all the advanced features you desire, you can a buy a fully featured smartphone at a cheap price and within the budget. But what makes these phones extraordinary are the apps. If you have a smartphone running on Android operating system then you are all set to enter the world of fun apps right away. You can read that how life without mobile phones.

10 Most Viral Android Apps

Most Viral Android Apps

Yes, Android is the mostly used operating system which is present in over 70% of the smartphones all over the world. Android apps so much popular nowadays and there are millions of apps available in Google Play store for different purposes.Check out My Study Corner’s Android app and Download it .

So, if you are an Android Smartphone user and looking for some best Android apps, then you have come to the right place.You can also take a look on these Best 10 Maths Learning Android Applications. In this article,we are going to share about “Best Most Viral Android Apps“.

Best 10 Most Viral Android Apps Ever

1. WhatsApp 

Undoubtedly, WhatsApp is the No.1 Android app of all time thanks to its huge popularity and excellent features. Nowadays there are very few Smartphone users who don’t have WhatsApp on their phone.

This app lets you enjoy sending instant text messages along with short videos, documents, images and 100+ emoticons for every reason. Over 1 billion installs and 4.4-star ratings WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most viral app ever according to me.If you are using social media apps like whats app you must aware about pros and cons of social media .

2. Prisma App

This is one of the best photo editing app till date. This app is officially unavailable for Android devices but you can download the apk files easily and then install it on your phone. A lot of us use Instagram in addition to its filters being put on pictures you posted. But, now an application named Prisma has taken over it.Apart from using filters to the image, it transforms your photo right into job art. It resembles your photo has been painted by globe renowned musicians like Picasso and far more.

Prisma for PC

Yes, you heard it right. Prisma apk for Android transforms your image right into job art, and also it has got many downloads within few days. Russian developer Alexey Moiseenkov established the Prisma App. An attractive attribute of Prisma app is that it turns the photo you offered to it into paints. It includes the art design of famous artists like Edvard Munch, Pablo Picasso, and also Vincent Van Gogh. If you are thinking to use Prisma on your pc/laptop – Here is the Guide About it : Download Prisma For PC .

As you can see this is one of the most trending apps today in every social media sites. Enjoy giving your images a new look ☺

3. Facebook

This is another viral app with over 1 billion downloads and the number is growing rapidly. Facebook is the most used social networking site with millions of users all over the world. Now they are also available in app version and you can enjoy updating status, upload images or videos anytime and anywhere.

4. MX Player

If you love to watch videos and movies on your mobile phone then you must have MX Player installed in your phone. This is more than a normal video player which has a bunch of useful features which makes the video watching experience smoother than ever. If you are movie-maniac then also know advantages and disadvantages of watching movies.

5. Angry Birds

This is one of my favourite game which I use to play on my Android Smartphone. This is a very popular game with over 100 million installs and they have even launched new versions of this game too. If you are new to Android phones, then you must try this app and believe me this game will never disappoint you.

6. AppLock

Privacy is one of the important concern for any Smartphone user. If you some private messages or images or videos which you never wish to show anyone, you can simply download the AppLock app and protect them by using a pattern lock or a password lock. After downloading this app you will feel safe and secure. This is another best Android app ever. You are caring about your phone privacy then also check some hacks about Internet Privacy .

7. Clash of Clans

One of the viral apps ever in Android platform. Clash of Clans is a multiplayer strategy game after downloading this game you will be addicted for sure. There are millions of COC players all over the world with whom you can play, challenge and build your own clan or empire. You are gameholic then you must know the effect of video games .

8. Candy Crush

Another addictive game in this list of all time best viral Android apps. Candy Crush is a fun puzzled game with hundreds of levels and different challenges which you would love to play and kill time. This game has already crossed 500 million installs and still counting.

9. My Talking Tom

Tom is your virtual pet with whom you would love to play and spend hours of time. This is another app which has crossed 100 million active installs and still counting. This app has few other variants which you can download and install right away.

This week, a year-old scam concerning the Chatting Angela application threatening for youngsters has been doing the rounds on Facebook once more, in spite of having been debunked back then, as well as again now.

Parents could be forgiven for being spooked by the idea that a cutesy speaking cat application is, in fact, a front for a pedophile ring, as one of the scam messages claimed. So what is Talking Angela honestly stating to your youngsters, and also is it inappropriate? The most efficient method to figure out is actual to utilize the application.

I’ve invested an hour in her company today doing just that. Basically: Indeed, the scam is a scam. You should know  some the biggest scam of India . However, the application’s developer Outfit7 can be doing, even more, to ensure moms and dads feel at ease with their youngsters making use of the application.

Some truths initially: Speaking Angela belongs to a broader series of applications called Talking Tom and also Buddies, which have been downloaded and install greater than 1.5 bn times considering that 2010, and also are currently being used by 230m people every month– lots of children, however also great deals of grownups.

They have spawned a collection of preferred YouTube videos in partnership with Disney, as well as a range of natural playthings. Outfit7 is a favorite applications company, not a shadowy network of child-catchers, just puts: I had talked to the company in March 2011, March 2012 and June 2013 tracking the increase of its apps.

9. Evernote

Creating notes and reminders now become comfortable with Evernote. This is very much useful if you do not wish to run before paper and pen to note down something important. Now the new update has brought new features like adding notes with voice commands and many more features which make a viral app of all time.

10. Instagram

If you are photogenic like me and love to share your photographs and creation with others than Instagram is the perfect app for you which gives a platform to share and see photography of others. While sharing the images, you will find many photo filters which makes it a must download app for your Android Smartphone. You can take a look of marvellous pictures of Incredible India.


So, this is the end of this list of “Top 10 Most Viral Android Apps Ever“. There are many more apps available which should be included in this list but it is practically not possible not include them in this top 10 list. I hope you liked this list and going to share this with friends.

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