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Why Internet Privacy Necessary ?

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What is Internet  Privacy ?

Internet privacy is the privacy and security level of personal data published via the internet. In other words we can call it as online privacy. Internet privacy is cause for concern because nowadays most of the work of purchases ,communication,  gaming , business are done online. In real life, we do not share our personal info with a stranger. We choose what to reveal while dealing with a stranger in any way. In the same way, it is important to consider one’s privacy while dealing businesses online. There are real people working behind inanimate computers or android devices. And that must be considered or checked for sure when a person is working on computer. nowadays since internet is affordable and the children learn to handle it very soon, that makes it more than an important reason for taking internet privacy  as a  prime matter.

Types of Cracking Internet  Privacy

  1. phishing
  2. pharming
  3. spyware

Malware using short definitions , phishing is an internet hacking activity used to secure user data ,including username, password, etc.pharming is used to redirect a legitimate website visitor to a different IP  address using hacking.  Spyware is an offline app that obtains data without a user’s consent. When computer is online, those datas are sent to spy ware sources. Internet  privacy threats may be minimized by one’s knowledge and careful examination of online sites before disclosing any personal information.

How to Prevent Internet  Privacy ?

Preventive software applications are available and those can be either purchased or downloaded. Examples of such software are antivirus, anti malware, firewalls, etc. and if those are installed  ,they must  be upgraded to latest versions from time to time to protect the computer from latest viruses and other such online phishing- pharming attack. It is to be noted that new computer viruses are invented daily.

Some other preventive measures are given below:

  • shopping must be made from reliable websites only.
  • Some websites have low security levels and those must be avoided.
  • Browser cache and history must be cleared on a consistent basis .

While choosing passwords, include a combination  of special  characters, numerals and letters as they make a strong combination for a password.With more and more of our activities and offices are transferring into online modes, it makes sense to educate all internet users to know about the negative elements hidden behind data usage. Not to forget, all those social networking sites which appear very fun to use. Being a technocrat is not bad unless one is a smart user. Uploading a post in the form of a photo can be fun and seem trendy, but we never know if there are lurkers sitting behind computer and looking for their next targets. Many such cases of stealing identity, editing decent photos into indecent ones and thus using them to blackmail people are becoming very common. therefore one must first be very careful at choosing their online friends. Also there are some websites who do not support choosing audiences. That means uploading anything will be visible publicly.  For example, twitter. So we must choose carefully what to post and what not.In some websites, information related to bank accounts are asked to enter. This applies during online transaction. One must ensure that it is verified or authorized by a secure site or source such as VISA, verisign, etc.

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