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Byju’s App: Shaping the Future of Education

Learning is a never-ending process, something that is not restricted to any age limit, and something that is fun. But students generally don’t realise this fact and they lose interest in learning. There are both advantages and disadvantages in the conventional method of learning but the major disadvantage of this learning method is, students, don’t get a practical approach to every subject they learn. Hence, more often students are unable to indulge themselves in the process of learning and eventually, it turns into a burden for them. Thanks to technology, nowadays there are many educational applications that are specially made for learning different concepts from general knowledge to school syllabus. It also provides a practical approach for every subject so that the concepts will retain in one’s mind for a longer period of time. These apps also include sample papers and test series for practicing and measuring the performance. Among all the educational applications, “Byju’s – The Learning Application” is India’s best and most preferable educational app by students. On Google playstore, a positive response to the Byjus app review over the years since its launch and it is the most loved educational app with more than 5.5 million downloads and around 250,000 paid users.

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Here are some great features that make “Byju’s – The Learning Application” stand in the No.1 position in India.

  1. Complete Structured Syllabus: What more one can ask for? We know that, for any exam preparation, the syllabus is the most important element to have. This app provides a well-structured syllabus for every subject which is indeed very helpful for the students to get fully prepared for the main exam. The modules are designed in such a manner that it covers all state-level Boards, ICSE and CBSE syllabus for class 4th to 12th.
  2. Engaging Video Lectures: Students must get involved in their studies for a better understanding. This application has best video lectures that are made with 3D animation and in-air projection technique to make sure students get to learn more in less time. This feature of the application is so good that chapters like thermodynamics, respiration and much more which takes around an hour to study can be understood completely by watching a 20 min video lecture!
  3. Adaptive Learning: With the help of this feature students can track their ability to learn. It helps them to indulge in a personal learning process. After watching a video lecture, the student has to appear for a test which will be used as a method to examine the understanding level of the student. According to the student’s response to the test, the student will be directed to the concepts in which he/she is weak in to strengthen those concepts.
  4. Chapterwise Tests: It also includes chapter wise test series to practice and to assess yourself. This helps to have an idea about the question pattern which is indeed helpful for the main exam. Hence, learning difficult subjects like maths, physics, biology and chemistry through this app has been made easier than ever.
  5. Detailed Analysis: This application provides a detailed analysis based on the performance of the test. This helps a student to know his own performance.
  6. Personal Mentors: As soon as a child starts using this application, a personal mentor is assigned to that child. These personal mentors generally help the children in solving their doubts related to the syllabus and the video lectures.
  7. Parent App: This app also has a parent application which helps the parents to keep track of what the child is studying and how he is performing.

With these amazing features, Byju’s -The Learning App is shaping the future of education and making students fall in love with learning.

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