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How to create a mobile app from scratch?

Do you have an idea of making a mobile app from scratch, or do you want to create an unusual and interesting database and make it into an app so that others can use it too, and you can earn extra income in return? Then this article is for you! With its help, even a beginner without programming education can understand and create his first mobile app.

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The idea

Before you think about building an app, you need to decide on the idea. What is your mobile app for?

For example, you live in a megalopolis where thousands of tourists come. Then you can create an app for them: cafés and restaurants, monuments, unusual excursions, places that not many people know about…

Think creatively and you will get an idea your competitors don’t have.

Or electronic games. Game lovers are willing to invest in their favorite entertainment and don’t spare any time for it. Turn on the marketer and analyze what a large audience of users would be interested in.

The following questions will help you decide:

  • What benefits should the app bring?
  • Will it be a primary or supplementary income?
  • Will programmers with experience need to be involved in the development and maintenance?
  • On which operating systems will your application work?
  • What will be the financial investment in the project?
  • Will you need to monitor the application on a daily basis?

Types of applications

Briefly about the apps that are most in demand.


Statistics show that 34% of users play online games. Game apps have advertising as well as paid content. This increases the potential income of the owner.

The company Spribe has been developing mobile gambling since 2019, we recommend you check out their app Aviator.


More and more people use messengers. In many cases, it is much more convenient and faster. For the same purpose, banks and large companies providing public services are creating apps. Social media is easier to use with a single click on an icon than with several actions in a browser.


Many respected brands that have gained a niche in the market have their own mobile app. It is an opportunity to be in constant contact with the target audience. That is why not so big shops, pharmacies, opticians, etc. also create mobile apps for their customers.

Payback and monetization

There are several ways you can offset the cost of creating an app from scratch and start generating income from the app.

  • Free applications. Available from large companies. Help to increase sales.
  • Free apps with advertising. These are social networks and similar apps that actively contact the user.
  • Paid apps. Revenue from each app purchase by a user. The App Store commission is 30%.
  • Lite and Pro versions. The user can install the free Lite version with limited functionality. If they want, they can buy the Pro version with full functionality.
  • Selling additional features and packages within the app (e.g. new game levels).

The development process

There are several services that help you find good developers. You can use the AppBooker website. It will give you a database of developers according to the given parameters, show you examples of their development and a list of clients.

Freelancing exchanges are an additional option. Risky, but cheaper than going to firms.

If you believe in your own abilities and are ready to take the time to get up to speed in this kitchen, you can take on the development work yourself.

For Android

The basics for those who haven’t yet mastered programming at all or hardly at all.

Java files are used for prescribing all the actions of the application.

XML files – for developing the design, the appearance of the application.

An IDE (integrated development environment) will be needed to merge and package all the created files. Previously Eclipse was used for this, now it’s Android Studio (developed by Google).

To create an application for android, first you need to download and install Android Studio. There is software available for Windows and Mac. Always update your development environment to the latest version to avoid crashes and problems.

Next, follow the system’s instructions to create a “New project”. The system will suggest you to set up the project according to various parameters.

Now you can choose the template that suits you, link it to the cards and you are at the last stage of the layout! The Finish button completes the process.

Use the Google Android Virtual Device (AVD) Manager service to test and set up the app. This is an emulator. If you wish, you can install the emulator of different device versions, which frees you from the extra cost of testing the app on different devices.

The basic work is done. You have created your first Android app! There is, of course, still a lot of work to do to fill it up, add features, make changes, etc.

For iOS

It is important to remember that when starting to build an application, you should start with the skeleton of the application. You need to determine how to write the main functions and tasks, the working modules. In the process, they will become more detailed and complex. But in the beginning, focus on the essentials.

If you need an iOS app, you can create one using a Mac or install a macOS virtual machine on your Windows. For a complete job, it’s a good idea to learn Apple’s programming languages: Objective-C and Swift.

The Xcode programming environment is used for developing the application. It allows you to create applications for all Apple products. In addition to the basic development steps, you can immediately test the application in Xcode. This can also be done in an emulator. Xcode can be downloaded from the AppStore and should preferably be updated to the latest versions.

By clicking “Create new project”, you choose the type of the future application and the platform on which it will run (in this case iOS). In the window that appears, enter all the necessary parameters.

Then write the application interface. Detailed instructions are available in other articles on this topic.

Now compile and run the application for the desired device. Check its work in the simulator. The algorithm in Swift will run about 2.5 times faster than in Objective-C.


Predicting profit margins is of course very difficult. But you can raise revenues:

  • by increasing your target audience
  • by choosing a popular destination for your app
  • by making an iOS app.

Some gaming giants are earning up to $100,000 a month from apps. Especially if it is a game. For such companies, the app can become a major source of income. The average owner has about $500 a month. And they use mobile apps as a supplementary income and a means of communicating with customers.

To summarise, creating a mobile app is a very exciting and somewhat challenging task. But with enough effort and time, with the financial ability to entrust it to professionals, you will get a modern, high-quality income resource.

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