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8 Reasons Why Living in Bengaluru is Awesome !

8 Reasons Why Living in Bengaluru is Awesome !

Oh! You are Living in Bengaluru , must be working in a MNC.” If you have heard such phrases for long, you definitely know how less the people who haven’t visited Bengaluru aka Bangalore know about this city. The city which is known for a thousand of great things and lucky are those who can say that they belong from there.

But, here we give you the best eight reasons why being a Bengaluru person is awesome!


8 Reasons Why Living in Bengaluru is Awesome !

#1 The Public Transport

The BMTC busses, the Volvo, are said to be carrying around more than forty lakh people in the city to transport them from one place to other. These busses are so nicely designed that it might be the best maintained public transport busses. It feels like travelling with the Majesty around the city! The taxis and auto-rickshaw are accessible from any point in the city and will transport you from one place to another in faster means! They drivers are loyal and take care of their customers very well.

8 Reasons Why Living in Bengaluru is Awesome !


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#2 A cup of filter Kaapi

A lot can happen over a cup of coffee, but a lot more can happen over a cup of filter Kaapi. It feels way cooler to call coffee as Kaapi, and believe it or not, you won’t get the same taste anywhere in the world other than Bangalore. You can make Kaapi in many different ways having your own take on it, but it will always taste delicious.

8 Reasons Why Living in Bengaluru is Awesome !

A Cup Of Kappi

#3 Hub for a professional life

It is a world known fact that Bangalore is named as the Silicon Valley of India. World’s largest multinational companies have built their roots in Bangalore. India can never fall short of talented entrepreneurs and thus Bangalore seems like a Mecca to them. Almost forty percent of the people loving there are because of their workplace habituated in Bangalore.

8 Reasons Why Living in Bengaluru is Awesome !

#4 Diversity of people

You may find a Punjabi person speaking in the local language of Bangalore, and a rickshaw driver speaking in fluent English. It is because of these big MNCs that people from all over India as well around the globe are residing at the same place, Bangalore. The city has so much acceptance to every kind of people that makes it an optimum city to live in.

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 #5 The Classical Dance

With the hush and rush of the metropolitan city, it also gives you the most sought after thing – peace, which is done by the classical dance that is not just a matter of moving the legs but a way of living a formed life. From the richest to the poorest, everyone can learn the classical dance forms all at one place. There is a village called Nityagram Nrutya village where in you an learn all forms of classical dance.

8 Reasons Why Living in Bengaluru is Awesome !

Classical Dance

#6 Night Life

If you are a party person, then Bangalore is the way to your utter happiness. There are places filled with people like you, streets which are open up all night, impromptu clubbing, highly designed clubs and pubs- all at one place! It is pure heaven for the EDM lovers as most of the world known DJs love to make Bangalore dance on their tunes.

8 Reasons Why Living in Bengaluru is Awesome !

#7 The Garden City

You cant miss the obvious big parks that are situated in the city. Having some garden spread over kilometres, if you bet that you have seen all of the Cubbon park in under two hours, everyone would know you are lying. Its huge! And not to mention the mesmerizing flower show at the Lalbagh. You will always feel close to the nature in the midst of concretes.

8 Reasons Why Living in Bengaluru is Awesome !

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#8 Having Everything at One Place

Being a metropolitan city , you can get even the rarest of things in the city markets. All foreign products are available at affordable rates, there are a number of places where there are flea markets where you can get antiques at cheaper rates, there are a way to many food joints for your type of food, the education, the work, the parties – All in Bangalore.

8 Reasons Why Living in Bengaluru is Awesome !

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