11 Reasons Why Reading Is One Of The Best Hobbies

11 Reasons Why Reading Is One Of The Best Hobbies

Reading is the best way to travel places without a passport. It is a one way ticket to take you places that dont even exist. We come across certain bookworms who seem lost in the world of books. They are in a world that definitely you have not been to. Here are 11 reasons why reading is one of the best hobbies:

11 Reasons Why Reading Is One Of The Best Hobbies

1. Anywhere is a reading place

11 Reasons Why Reading Is One Of The Best Hobbies

You do need to set up an aisle or a palette, to read a book. It happens on the spot. A cup of coffee is always recommended.

2. You dont want anybody to edit your cover letter

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That book your reading is not only giving you a leisure time, but it is slowly teaching you and your brain, how to arrange words formally or informally.

3. You become a great conversationalist

You can talk and make people fall for you head over heels (almost). They hang out with you because you are interesting.

4. Books are always there for you:

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In case you feel sad or happy, choose a pick. Any book can instantly change your mood.

5. No more books- never exists

Even if you are a bookworm, you will never finish the books that have been produced of different genres everyday. Your library is missing out more than half of the book that exists.

6. Reading time Happy time:

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Books take you places and make you feel happy. It tells you more than anybody else can. The more you read, the happier you feel.

7. Look smart and feel smart:

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Reading definitely helps your brain to co ordinate and functions in the right manner. It indulges in questions never asked before and probes for an answer. People who look at you feel that you are smart with gorgeous book in your hand. And they are definitely true.

8. No injury:

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Nothing in the history has been ever recorded where somebody got hurt because they were reading. It is one of those risk free hobbies that keeps you safe and healthy.

9. Concentration:

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A survey tells us that people who read more have more concentration when compared to people who see more TV. And their test results also infer that TV does not let the brain think while the book is definitely exercising your brain.

10. Big Imagination:

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The more you read, the bigger your imagination gets. Some of those lucky readers have a huge world inside their little brain, because of their books. And you never get any glimpse of such a world unless and until you are ready to read.

11. Empathy Creator:

It is one way to expand your knowledge too. Emotions are built strongly on the type of book you read. A huge proportion of people who read books do not litter their environment, because books taught them care a recent survey mentions.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a book. Get lost in your imagination.

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