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19 Reasons Why You Should Date A Guy Who Codes ?

19 Reasons Why You Should Date  A Guy Who Codes

/* Why You Should Date A Guy Who Codes ? */

int boy;
printf(“Searching for that special boy.“);
printf(“The guy who sit next to you. The Silent Coder.“, &boy);

Trust me. Coders or Programmers will understand.

Date A Guy Who Codes

We all have that fraction of boys back in middle school who had oil dripping sleek hair with a pair of nerd glasses and high waist pants. Well they were the grade A students. Their report cards were perfect lined with A’s. (Mine had all the letters from the alphabets I learnt back in kindergarten). These are the kind that are shy to approach anyone especially girls. They try their maximum to avoid any social interactions. For them networking is a nightmare. They rather sit back at home, drink coffee and are on their own. However, these wonderful intelligent brains are the most sought boyfriends from the latest survey. Here are the reasons:

1# They are rational. They are able to think and sort out a problem.

images (19)

They find varied amount of solutions for any of your problems. They are problem solvers.Thus you should Date A Guy Who Codes .

2# They Are Multitasker

They are your electricians, plumbers, and every other man you need to fix that leak or broken leg of the chair. They may not have strong biceps. But they definitely have strong and a high IQ brain.

3# They are your all time hacker.

Be it stalking your ex boyfriend or finding that wrong number who keeps calling everyday, your man is at your service!

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4# Arguments are a part and parcel of a relationship.

However with your coding guy, things settle out faster. He is able to justify the situation and can tell exactly who did wrong on what basis.


5# Blogs of many cute girls have a secret.

If they look super cute and super attractive, hats off to their man! He is the man behind all the magic.So you should Date A Guy Who Codes .

6# He is a person who keeps everything in order.

He does not have a messed up life. His room is pretty neat most of time.

7# Since he is a shy hot guy, He is less prone to be the centre of gossips and attract the attention of other women.Your man is safe in your hands.


8# Your guy is definitely an out of the box thinker.

His ideas however do not draw the wrong kind of attention. He does not have a bad impression amongst folks and friends as he is generally a silent type.

9# Silent But Most Romantic

Some of the most silent people are the most romantic people in the world. He plans out everything for that perfect date. He makes sure that.

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10# They are definitely the best bargainers.

They make sure that they check every valid website before you order online for your favourite dress at a minimal price.Thus you should Date A Guy Who Codes .

Computer Programming

11# Dealing with a broken heart or a broken computer?

Answer is one. The Silent Coder. He is your everything. Setting you with a box of chocolates and a pack of tissues, he sets himself on your pink laptop to ensure that nobody can ever breakdown into your system.

Date A Guy Who Codes

12# Simplest way is his solution.

He finds out the simplest ways that need minimal amount of work done in order to solve that problem.Thus you should Date A Guy Who Codes .

13# Efficiency at its best is his trademark.

Being a coder, efficient use of anything becomes very important, be it the ketchup bottle or the toothpaste. You never have any leftovers at your home.

efficiency equation 1

14# They are Good Planner

Planning makes this guy one step ahead than all the other boys you have seen. He oversees to the upcoming events. A special trip just for you is planned if you are hanging out with your coding guy.

15# They are Good Thinker

Your man can see into the future. He is the best budget planner. He exercises strict control on how much you spend on your heels and gloss. He keeps you far away from the conditions of being broke.

16# He is the best when it comes to shifting into a new house. Every measurement of the panels and window is taken into consideration to get that perfect curtain and matching sofas.

Date A Guy Who Codes

17# He sketches out e everything and anything. Maybe his entire calendar for the next year is planned. You never know. He can surprise in the very distinct times.

18# Coders know how to set up EVERYTHING. Be it a fight with your best girlfriend or an annoying neighbour that keeps loud music. He makes sure that you live happy forever.

19#  He knows the value of time

At the end of the day, you won’t regret a single second you spend with hi. He knows the value of time and how important it is to have you in his life. He never makes you feel unworthy. His programming skills have taught him to give equal importance and higher priorities its place.

Date A Guy Who Codes

No Date for Valentine’s Day?
You should probably wait outside that Computer Science Department.

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