12 Reasons Why College Canteens Are Best Place Of College Life

Canteens, they say are an important part of college life, considering they’re the only place where you find most students chatting and gossiping.

And since chatting and eating on the side obviously go hand in hand, so We decided to list out some Reasons Why College Canteens Are Best Place Of College Life .

12 Reasons Why College Canteens Are Best Place Of College Life ?

#1 That is the place you can use cell phones!!

cell phone 770

If you have restrictions at using cell phones than it is the place where you can text or call your girlfriend.

#2 That Is The Place Where You Can Raise Your Leg and Sit Like Your Dad!!

Keep your face sad because I’m your dad” attitude can be exploited at this place only.

#3 That is the place where u can find your stomach satisfaction!!!


The place where tea , Snakes and lunch is best available during those days!!

#4 That is the place where you can face of your faculty members!!

“Yeah bro I can see you” here you can really see your faculty and shout in front of them.

#5 That is the place where you can chill out with anyone and no restrictions at all!!

girlfriend has celiac

“Yo this is my girlfriend dude” you can really sit quietly with your girlfriend without any concern.

#6 That is the place where you can celebrate your friend’s birthday.

25th Birthday Party Ideas For Her

Birthdays are celebrated and can be enjoyable.

#7 That is the place where you can have comfortable atmosphere.

This place where you can write on walls, trees and tables!

#8 That is the place where all planning,plottingg and gossip goes on

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“ tu aajja abhi…tuje dekhta huun” here you can pull your enemy’s  leg and can trap in your mesh.

#9 New masaledar news can be arrived at that best place only!

breaking news1

“ohh tune nai bike li harami” all the new things come up here and get to know all updating stories of love and breakup too.

#10 There you can take as many photographs as you can with your guys!!


“selfies and groupies” can be made here only!!

#11 That is the best place to make memories of life!

Here you can grab pool of memories and will miss you always.

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