Drop App Review – Best Cashback App in Canada

Drop App Review

Drop app is an easy-to-use rewards app that allows the user to earn rewards and cash backs by tracking users’ debit and credit transactions. Drop app tracks the user’s debit and credit card purchases automatically and adds drop points to the account when the user spends at certain merchants picked from the list shown in the app.

Drop App Review

Drop App Review – Best Cashback App in Canada

Using the drop app is way easy that made it popular as we hear today. Just downloading the app and entering the credit and debit card details and selecting the various merchants from thousands of the options and by purchasing from the merchants earns the user rewards and cash backs.

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If the user feels not to disclosure his transaction details, then the drop app is not benefitable to the one. Regarding safety, it uses 256-bit encryption like at the bank level assuring safety to the user. They also use Transport layer security to ensure data is transmitted securely to the drop app. And users are anyway should choose strong passwords to their accounts accounting for their safety.

Drop app is like any other cashback app and comparatively easy to use for the reasons like:

  • It’s a mobile app and the user is automatically logged in.
  • One step sign in.
  • No complicated Logins, systems, etc.

Drop app is best for:

  • Shopaholics.
  • Coupon lovers.

How to Earn on DROP?

Once the user signs in to the app, he will get the referral link to share with the friends which earns him 5,000 drop points worth $5(Click here to Create Your DROP account). After entering the debit and credit card details, the user picks merchants from drop’s list to earn ongoing points. The user can earn drop points for the purchases he makes with these merchants along with credit card reward points and other bonus points.

Once the shopping is done (purchasing from the selected merchants) and if the user meets the requirements, the drop points are automatically added to his account. The other way to earn includes games, activating personalized shopping offers, and completing surveys.

The number of points that the user earns with purchase depends on the merchant. For example:

  • Trader joes: 15 points for every $1 spent.
  • Walmart: 5 points for every $1 spent.
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Pros and Cons of Drop App

[su_box title=”Pros of Drop App” style=”glass” box_color=”#15166b” id=”Drop-Pros”]
  • The app is free to download and has consistent point values.
  • No need to scan to earn points.
  • Can be combined with other cashback apps and the rewards can be combined and use as one.
  • Works both for debit and credit cards.[/su_box]
[su_box title=”Drawbacks of Drop App” style=”glass” box_color=”#15166b” id=”Drop-Pros”]
  • The offers available may not be useful all the time.
  • It can be challenging to meet the minimum redemption limit.
  • There is no cash option, only gift cards.
  • Can only choose a few brands.
  • Chance of spending more to reach the redemption limit.[/su_box]

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Drop app is based around shopping and who doesn’t love shopping? It is more beneficial to shopaholics. I feel the drop app has really revolutionized the industry with its simple moves comparatively.

In this digital world apps like these help, people make their work easy along with benefits. Earning while shopping excites anyone and in an easy way is attracts more, which might be the reason for the drop app’s wide users. Rewards combined can be useful and can be added to the other purchases which make the shopping fun and less regretful for the money spent. Though these people don’t become rich, it is fun earning through shopping, which is way interesting in my opinion.


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