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Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation

Our earth is dying.

The flora and fauna that we saw yesterday are now mere pictures in our textbooks. Soon even the mankind is going to come to an end.


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Energy is an important factor that drives our blue globe. By definition, energy is the capacity to do work. Without energy, we are nothing. The forms are various; solar, wind, mineral, nuclear, thermal, electrical, chemical and the list goes on. They have indeed been a huge helping hand in our daily lives. Whether it is to turn on our fan at home or to heat a jug of water; energy has been a definite boon. Humans became too relied on these sources and started using them or rather exploiting them. A sudden decrease in their amount was seen. Various minerals became unavailable due to over use. Exploitation in turn let to our own destruction. Energy was on a high level to be forever scarce. A stand had to be taken.

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Energy conservation is the art of reducing energy consumption with less usage of energy sources. Energy conservation awareness was done on a large scale to save various sources from becoming unavailable. People were given awareness on how they can help to get involved in this massive movement. In order to bring the mass, we also have National Energy Conservation day celebrated on December 14, 2015 in India. According to certain surveys, it is found that we use energy faster than the rate at which it is produced. So conservation of these resources protects our well being. Energy resources are broadly dived into two: Renewable and Non- Renewable resources. Resources which can be reproduced or replenished are called as renewable resources. Examples are solar energy, wind energy etc. Those resources which cannot be replenished before they are consumed are called as non- renewable resources. Examples are coal, petroleum etc. The non- renewable resources are difficult to harness. Hence it becomes important to conserve such energy resources for their longer use.


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Energy conservation can be done at various levels. We can use public transports and hence burning less oil. We can avoid heaters during winter by wearing warmer clothes. Cooking efficiently is another way. Turn off the air conditioners and other electrical appliances when not in use. Water is also energy. Hence conservation of water is also necessary. Efficient use of water helps to save and maintain this source lasting. Get involved with energy conservation and get to know more on how to make your home energy efficient.

We may think that we do does not count. That our act is too negligible. Truth is, every small act counts.

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