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Importance of Research Essay , Article , Speech , Paragraph

Importance of Research Essay , Article , Speech , Paragraph

Importance of Research Essay , Article , Speech , Paragraph

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Importance of Research Essay , Article , Speech , Paragraph

The internet defines research as, “the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions.” In our ever expanding world, we acquire knowledge every day. This knowledge moulds us. They form the very basis of this world. However, to differentiate the fact from fake, some scrutinizing of this acquired knowledge is needed. A varied set of experiments and observations are done in various degrees. These sets make sure that the acquired knowledge is not just a hypothesis. They make sure that the fact exists or prove its existence. Thus research plays an important role in establishing the truth in the scientific world. This research also helps us to know beyond what we have acquired. It gives us a glimpse of the world we haven’t seen yet. Many of the breakthrough milestones are a result of intense research. Research takes place in every field, be it agriculture or in building the next rocket. Our earth is being scrutinized by various creative scientists in order to understand the problems of Mother Nature. In this way, we get to save ourselves from drowning. Importance of research thus plays a vital role.

Importance of Research Essay , Article , Speech , Paragraph

Research has helped mankind in many ways. It has helped to cure various diseases. It has helped to build new technologies in areas of construction, education; medical research etc.. research also gives us an idea of why a particular situation took place. It also gives us a chance to get a sneak peak of the future and how we can change it for the better good. Pharmaceuticals are a booming arena with the help of the research facilities. Various testing and experiments are undertaken in clinics to find out what’s wrong with the patient. Even this small scale testing comes under research. The research arena is very challenging. Hard work and dexterity is just the initial skills you need. Every breakthrough is celebrated in a global scale. Even the tiniest revelation brings a huge impact on the mankind. Research findings are implemented to either produce a new genesis or to upgrade the existing situation. It helps to create and destruct at the same time. Researches have helped doctors, policy makers, designers and even the farmers. Community leaders also seem to benefit from all sorts of research.


Research is indeed a boon to mankind. They have supported the very living of man. With every new idea born there exist an untold world. We can conclude that importance of research has indeed a positive impact for the nation.

It is a one way ticket for the humanity to build a better future.

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