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Essay on Ground Water-A Resource | Speech on Ground Water-A Resource

Essay on Ground Water-A Resource | Speech on Ground Water-A Resource | Paragraph on Ground Water-A Resource | Use of Ground water

There is no living thing who can survive without water. Also, earth is the only planet which have so much water available abundantly. Water is found at the surface as well as up to a little depth inside the surface. Due to this reason the civilizations grew at the river banks mainly. But due to the ongoing industrial processes, the quality of ground water have deteriorated. Also since surface water gets easily polluted, the significance of ground water as an alternative came into existence. Ground water use dates back to very early times.


There are many uses of ground water and it has got many advantages too. It is more or less omnipresent and can be exploited through dug wells and bored well easily. Its occurrence is free of evaporation and thus water inside the ground stays safe like a resource. The water can be withdrawn from the ground for any purposes. Deep water is free of pathogens and also since it is free from atmospheric influences, the temperature remains fit to be used both in summer and winter. In summer the water stays cool and in winter, the water is warm.

However it is not as straight as it seems. Although there is available water under the ground, the present rate of consumption of water will finish the ground water reserve available. Though groundwater is a renewable material, yet it will not be possible to get as much water as we need. First of all the thing to be kept in mind is that pollution is already contaminating the ground water available inside. And secondly, it is being treated as if groundwater is completely inexhaustible resource. One more thing is to be kept in mind that due to global warming, the precipitation is becoming erratic and the recharge of groundwater is also not timely.

If these factors lead to unavailability of groundwater or they render the sources unfit for human consumption, what will be the plight of groundwater in the future.

Therefore steps have to be taken to minimize the use of groundwater and reduction of reliance on groundwater by developing technologies to make surface water fit for drinking.

Also rainwater harvesting and consumption must be an important ideal for everyone to adopt. These measures if taken properly will rescue us from water shortage in future up to a great extent.

Essay on Ground Water-A Resource, Speech on Ground Water-A Resource, Paragraph on Ground Water-A Resource , Use of Ground water

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