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Get Education Fund in Different Places

Education is essential for the development of an individual, a family and a nation. The nations who have low educational rate are behind in the race of success. Education is the key to success for all of us. Students can better understand the value of education but they also know about the expanses of higher education. Everyone wants to get higher education to face the world’s challenges. The lack of required funds is the major hurdle in the success of a talented but poor student. Not only poor, but the students from middle class families also face economical and social problems for getting higher education. Therefore, some international organizations are working to provide funds for the promotion of education. They provide funds, not only for higher education but also for primary and secondary education to enlighten every home with the light of education and knowledge.  We have compiled a short list of well reputed educational funding sources for your information. May be this information is helpful for someone to Get Education Fund in Different Places, so if you like; spread this information to others too.


Institute of International Education

Institute of International Education (IIE) is an independent and non profit organization established in 1919. It is one of the most intellectual and experienced organizations providing the educational training and facilities to get higher education. IIE manages to provide scholarships, training, and exchange and leadership programs. Its mission is to provide grants to conduct research, facilitate policy dialogue on global higher education and protection scholarships around the world. IIE is able to promote education by facilitating students with the opportunities to get higher education and conduct research without any funding trouble.

UT Dallas International Education Fund (IEF)            

IEF scholarship is for students who are interested to study abroad. IEF funding is based on the availability of funds, number of students and quality of education. The deadlines for the applications are usually:

Fall semester: July 15

Spring semester: November 15

Summer semester: April 15

Applications can be submitted by hand or by post at SSB, 3.40 or by email to  The application packet includes scholarship application, Narrative (like cover letter) and two letters of Reference.

The Global Fund for Children

There are many organizations who support the education of children and for this purpose they provide funds for the education of children. Global Fund for Children is one of the most successful organizations who are able to help and support children for getting education. The mission of this organization is to track the children of labourers, refugees and low income families and support them to get quality education. This organization also works for the trafficked children to make their lives and provide them shelter and good living.

Education Funding Agency UK  (EFA)

Education funding agency UK is a UK (United Kingdom) based organization which is driven the government of United Kingdom. This organization provides funds for different educational programs in UK. The objective of this organization is to promote education and research in UK and provide high standard facilities of education for those who cannot afford quality education. EFA UK also supports students of many other countries of the world and offers scholarships and grants for the promotion of education. The funding programs of EFA include:

  • Academies: Funding, payments and compliances
  • Funding education for 16 to 19 year olds
  • School capital expenditure and funding
  • School building design and maintenance etc.

BCH Further Education Fund

BCH further education program is run by Yeru Bon Centre which is actually a spiritual organization and follows Tibetan teachings. This organization is open for all and everyone can apply for the scholarship there if he/she fulfils the criteria. The BCH scholarship program says those children who graduate with the required percentage on their test, may apply for a BCH scholarship program. This organization manages funding from other organization to support education and students who want to continue their studies.

Global Partnership for Education

Global Partnership for Education (GPE) is an international organization whose objective is to increase the volume and efficiency of funds devoted to education for the assurance of access of every child to school. The Global Partnership works with national governments to provide quality education for all and to develop high quality educational strategies for the provision of knowledge and education for different regions. Funding is based on the condition and literacy rate of the specific region and poverty level of that region.

Reliance Foundation

Reliance Foundation is an Indian organization whose objective is to promote education in India and create awareness in people about the importance of education. The main themes of the organization are: Health, Education, Rural Transformation, Urban renewal and the preservation of India’s art, heritage and culture. Reliance foundation provides the key stone for the development of education and research in India. It supports the students who want to get education but they do not have resources. Reliance foundation offers resources for such students so that they can contribute in the development of their country.

Ama Foundation

Ama foundation is the education funding organization which was established to provide support and shelter for the most unprivileged children of Nepal to enhance their growth and development. Ama foundation works for the children of Nepal and offers many scholarships for children. Currently they are providing scholarships for the children who cannot afford the fees, uniform and books to attend school. This scholarship comprises a little amount of Ș200 per year.


ICEF Education Fund

ICEF is an international organization which helps the disadvantage youth around the world for their growth and development. It provides resources to conduct research and get higher education for the youth of those regions who have no proper network and sustainable environment for education and research. ICEF is growing by providing funds for primary and secondary education as well as higher education and research projects. Students who are interested to get education but they do not have enough resources to continue their education can apply for this fund.

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