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Hide My IP Review – Best VPN Tool to Protect Your Identity

Hide My IP Review – Best VPN Tool to Protect Your Identity

Hide My IP Review  : We are witness of drastic change in internet technology in last decade. Internet touch each and every aspect of  human life. As use of technology increase , we have to think more on its security . This article gives you some information regarding this.

Hide My IP Review - Best VPN Tool to Protect Your Identity

Hide My IP – Best VPN Tool to Protect Your Identity

Brief Introduction About IP Address

IP address is short form of Internet Protocol. For every device which is connected to network has IP address. IP address is identifier to device with network. All the communication is done via this internet protocol. There are two type of IP addresses. One is IP V4 which was 32 bit long and latest one is IPV6 which is 128 bit long.

You can be trace by your IP address ,but it is not so easy. Tracing someone’s Ip is hectic task and needs some legal approvals .

Why to Hide Your IP Address !

Many of us don’t bother about our IP is being track or not. But there are many people and private firms which can’t take this risk. They need to hide there IP address. Many of security agencies wants to hide their geographical location and hence they prefer to hide their IP address. Sometimes to prevent web tracking hiding IP address is best way.Some hackers hides their IP address so that there is no risk of leaving some footprints.

Brief Intro About Hide-My-IP

If You need to hide your ip address of any above mentioned reason or for any reason is best way for it. Hide My IP provides complete IP hiding solution at very low price.

Key Features of HIDE MY IP

Anonymous Web Surfing

There are some sites which tracks their visitors IP address .Sometimes you don’t want to show your any details or even you don’t want to know them that you have visited their website in that case HIDE–MY–IP . com allows you Anonymous Web Surfing.

Protect Your Identity

The best part of Hide my IP is that it protects your identity. IF you are Black Hat hacker and you want to hide your identity for your safety then Hide my Ip is best way to achieve that.

Bit Cheaper in Cost

There are many other IP hiding service provider in the market. Some are Free which are not safe , and other are too costly. Hide my Ip is best way in terms of reliability and price.Hide My IP comes with nearly 30  $ subscription. Which is value for money

Send Anonymous E-mails

This is key feature of Hide my IP. If you are digital marketer and you are flooding others inbox with number of promotional offers then your IP and email ID may get block or you may get reported as spam. Hide my Ip help in this scene. You can send thousands of mails without getting blocked with the help of Hide my ip .com.Also you can play small pranks with  anonymous email sending feature of Hide my IP.

Premium Service

Hide my Ip also provides premium service with very reasonable rate .

– $2.95/ month
– $8.79 quarterly
– $34.94 yearly.

Following are some key features of premium Hide my Ip.

  • You can download with high speed
  • Ip are available with location like Uk, USA, CANADA and many more
  • Prevent third party monitoring
  • Very affordable price
  • Discounted billing cycles
  • hide your IP in applications
  • use the key on up to 5 devices on the same time

This was all about hide my ip .com. I personally suggest if you are looking for good IP hiding service provider you must go with Hide my IP.

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