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Home Is Where The Heart Is


  • This quote has its origin in the first century.
  • A Roman philosopher Pliny the Elder has said this quote!
  • He lost his life at the age of just 55 or 56

Hence this quote has origin very long back in the history, and it has great meaning too.


The real significance of the quote would be as follows:

Houses are built using bricks, but they are called homes when there reside hearts of people living in it. If people are living without love, respect and trust, then it is not home, but it is a house like a Lodge.Hence to make a house a home people in that should love, respect and trust each other. This makes house perfect home we can call it as ”home sweet home.”All prosperity, success and happiness of people in that house will be achieved when they make it a Home.


In early times, people used to live with their parents even after marriage. But today, we see people live separately and form their own small families. Actually these elder people used to keep home connected and united till their last breath. Due to this people used to be in contact with their relatives well. People used to share their sorrows and happy things with each other celebrate it in a good way. But now just one call goes to all at most to tell the happening. Relatives meet rarely and have very less talks. Due to this, friend circles grow up and sharing is between them. It is OK to have close friends but relatives cannot be left.

Nowadays elder people(parents) at home work in offices to earn money. Children go to school and then to daycare make friends over there and have chit-chat with them. But there is very less conversation at

Home. Many Children don’t share their problems with their parents and are unable to communicate with them. Many parents also have office tensions and hence they cannot see at their families well. Due to all these things home becomes house unknowingly. Hence if grandparents are there at home, at least they talk to both children and their parents to maintain balance in their lifestyle and try to make their home ideal.


Someone has said in Hindi that “ghar ki baat ghar me hi reheni chahiye”.  It has an eternal meaning. All friends may not be good. Some people are too much selfish that they make friendship for their use and leave it when they don’t require it. Hence it is danger to share our problems with such people. As they can take benefit of it. Hence it is beneficial to share such small problems in our life with our family. Elder people may have experienced those problems in their early life. Hence they may stand as best guide to us and take us out of them. Hence in India, from ancient times, people used to live together in one big home.

This era has broken that history to some limit. Due to fast lifestyle health is a big problem in the world. Hence new problems are arising when someone is in need within family. Due to poor relations nobody is easily ready to help at emergency cases too. If friends are good and can help us then it is well and good but one must have trust on friend for it. This may help to some extent and make life better.

But to summarize, everyone needs a family to live happily with and hence love, bonding, respect, mutual understanding and trust is very much needed to lead a better life. Hence this well said sentence “home is where the heart is”  makes sense in this era too.


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