Why Relationships fail? (Factors and Detailed Descriptions)

Unluckily, relationships seem to fail quite frequently. It’s a sad fact of living. You will feel washed-out till you get across two personalities who used to be each other’s first love and loved each other until their death in one day. That’s the kind of stuff you can always discover in many fairy tales. And the reason these fable stories of the ideal couples become so far-famed is because it’s exactly what hundreds of people seek to find. The problem, though, is that most of us usually don’t learn from the mistakes when our relationships are headed for failure.Dollarphotoclub 76286710 e1423206683651

Each one of us dreams to meet and settle down with the “right” person, and everybody wants such a relationship to last real long. No doubt, every couple is remarkable. The longer two people share their lives together, more likely the complex factors are involved. The list of reasons below is not meant to be all-embracing. At the same time, most of romantic unions end in dissolution. What are the main causes and signs of a failing relationship?

In case if you’re aspiring to build a relationship that will be literally fail-proof, you must learn the most common causes why so many relationships end almost in tears as well as to get the answers to the questions like “How to fix a failing relationship?”. So here are the answers by UA Girls

#1 Lack of trust

Lack or a total loss of trust is one of the most lethal contagions to a couple’s mutual success. Without trust, the relationship misses two of the key “bricks” to a strong wall – safety and security. Trust problems may include factors such as jealousy, possessiveness, unreasonable rigidity, emotional (and physical as well) harshness, physical/sexual disloyalty, lack of solidity and dependability, absence of emotional support, lack of financial
liberality and, finally, lack of common goals.

If you suppose that trust is a primary failure in your relationship (or in your ex-relationship), consider whether the lack of trust is/was based on a pattern of facts (such as unkept promises) or mostly subjective emotions (such as the groundless jealousy). Think over honestly whether the lack of trust is based on real basis or obscure fears.

#2 Divergent expectations

It’s not so simple for a couple to walk a road of life together for a long time. Its various aspects that constantly draw two people toward one another at the beginning of a relationship – physical affection, sexual passion, common interests, economic background – often become less supreme as the realities and demands of daily life sets in. Overtime, a couple’s expectations in the relationship may go separate ways, as they begin to see their corresponding life plans as “what I want” instead of “what we want.”

#3 Different life speeds

When one partner is developing and growing pretty rapidly, the other is stagnating, what may be a central reason why relationships fail. One example of this would be a partner advancing quickly in his/her career and social status, while his/her significant other half is falling into decay at home. The professional and social circles of the couple begin to differ and quite soon the couple differentiates as well. They have physically, intellectually, and socially grown apart.

#4 Excessive one side’s dominance

This is an opposite side of the coin called sacrificing too much. Instead of encouraging a relationship raised on love and trust, you’re implanting fear into your lover. What it really does is forcing your partner to be pathetic and helpless or it can lead him/her to the way of deceiving, sneak away or even find someone else’s shoulder or bed just to avoid your wrath and his/her misery.

#5 Distance between partners

In point of fact, there is nothing bad about fostering a remote relationship. Actually certain relationships successfully pass the trials and forged tougher by the physical distance. Yet, the distance can also create some issues such as the lack of time for each other or the absence of sexual intimacy. Unless you do your best so you can finally be under the same roof, such relationships usually crack under the pressure.

A mutually committed, loving relationship is one of life’s greatest gifts and human accomplishments. Sustainable relationship is always the foundation of a meaningful existence and our anchor amid life’s ocean of difficulties and uncertainties. Perhaps you may notice that bigger problems like infidelity and abuse have been left out of the reasons list. This is because those reasons are quite an obvious cause for the failed relationships.

The common causes stated above are the little roots that may not be noticed up until it becomes irretrievable. But they can build up and cause conflicts that will lead your entire relationship to shred, even before one of you notices it!

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