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How Day Boarding Schools Give Your Child a Head Start?

Across all countries and cultures, education is something that is universally viewed as a necessity for everyone. Education sets the foundation for not just a fulfilling and rewarding professional career, but contributes to the all-round development of children. The old adage ‘knowledge is power’ holds tremendous truth and perfectly summarizes the importance of providing children with a well-rounded and balanced education.

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Parents always want their children to do well in life, and therefore strive to provide them with the best education available to equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to take on the world.

Boarding schools have existed for many centuries and their value has remained undiminished. Even today, they can be seen in many parts of the world and India too is home to a large number of such schools. These boarding schools are widely hailed as prestigious institutions for not only the standards of education they deliver to students but also because of how their system provides them with a holistic and comprehensive education that extends beyond mere classroom teaching.

In India, the choices are plenty and locations just as diverse. If you are looking for a CBSE residential school in Siliguri, an ICSE boarding school in Darjeeling, or a state board boarding school in a metropolitan city, there is definitely a boarding school that perfectly matches your requirements as well as your child’s.

According to research conducted and published by The Association of Boarding Schools, it has been discovered that children with a boarding school education tend to fare better in university as well as in their work lives. Boarding schools provide children with a complete education that helps them get a thorough grasp of their subjects while also instilling in them values that will hold them in good stead later on in life. In a boarding school, children from diverse backgrounds live in a shared environment in which they study, play and live together. This helps them develop a better understanding of the greater community they belong to and help them learn to appreciate unity in diversity.

In this blog, we look at the ways in which a boarding school education will give your child a head start and give them a more well-rounded experience that regular day schools will not. The following points are just some of the several advantages of enrolling your child into a boarding school:

Advantages of Enrolling Your Child into a Boarding School

All-Round Education

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Boarding schools provide an environment for students to study, play, live and eat together. With its focus on both academics as well as extracurricular activities such as sports, music, art and other cultural activities, a boarding school experience gives children a holistic education that extends far beyond classroom learning.

Self Sufficiency

Being in an environment where they must live without their family, children learn to adapt to a lifestyle where they have to be independent and self sufficient. This helps children become more disciplined and take ownership of their actions, which in turn helps them to become responsible young adults.

Communication Skills

Children in boarding schools live and study with other children from vastly different social and cultural backgrounds, with different perspectives and worldviews. Such a setting helps children develop and refine their communication skills making them both better at expressing themselves as well as being empathetic and understanding of contrasting viewpoints.

Leadership Skills

Even though the statement ‘leaders are born and not made’ is still a raging debate to this day, one thing that is certainly true is that a boarding school environment is where leaders are discovered. In such a setting, children are often forced to get out of their comfort zone and take the initiative to get a task done and achieve a goal. This helps children to become more resourceful, innovative and enterprising.

Social Awareness

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Being in a boarding school where they live and study with other children from different backgrounds and life experiences helps to make them more compassionate and socially aware. Such an environment contributes to making children develop a balanced and empathetic worldview as well as a deeper understanding of society and the world around them.

Collaborative and Cooperative Attitudes

Boarding schools are, at their core, a shared and social environment. This kind of setting helps children understand and appreciate the importance of teamwork. Children learn the value of working together and complementing each other’s efforts in the pursuit of a common goal. Group activities help to build trust and mutual respect among children.

Long Lasting Friendships

Being part of a shared experience together over a significant period of time creates bonds that are deep and strong. A boarding school experience makes children more broadminded and they learn to develop lasting and meaningful friendships. It also helps them to have a more diverse group of friends later on in life.

Responsibility and Propriety

Children learn to adapt to a lifestyle where they have to look after themselves, their belongings and their duties without having their parents to look after them. This helps them take responsibility for their own activities and fosters a sense of propriety and accountability in them.

Time and Money Management

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In the absence of continuous parental guidance and support, children learn to become more disciplined and practical. They learn how to set priorities and understand the value of both time and money. Children learn to manage their time effectively, prioritise their activities as well as adopt healthier schedules. They also learn the importance of spending money wisely and realise the difference between a necessity and a luxury.

Readiness and Adaptability

Growing up in an environment away from their families makes children more flexible and adaptable. This helps them become independent and have a realistic view of how the world works. The skills they gain from being self-sufficient will help them tremendously once they finish school, facilitating smoother transitions when they join university for higher education as well as begin their professional careers.


In view of the above, there is no doubt that a boarding school will be immensely beneficial for your child both in terms of academic learning as well as the non-bookish skills and qualities that will make them into well rounded human beings.

Boarding schools all over the world are renowned for their commitment to providing the highest quality of education and instilling in children the values that would make them responsible global citizens. So, whether you are looking for a boarding school in West Bengal, Delhi, Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka or any other state in India, your child is sure to receive a truly comprehensive and holistic residential education experience.

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