Important Points to Consider Before Choosing a Law Specialization

Law is one of the most extensive fields of study. Apart from being highly technical, intellectually stimulating, and versatile – it also has numerous specialisations that provide endless possibilities. If you have a penchant towards law and want to pursue it, you should know which specialisation to choose. Most of the universities don’t even offer specialisations and only have a generalized LLB course.

In this day and age, pursuing a specialisation is a no-brainer and clearly a wise choice. From criminal law to corporate law and cyberlaw, the choices are endless for those who truly know what they want. However, worry not if you’re not sure which specialisation to choose as this article will enlighten you in that regard.

So, sit back, read the LLB course details thoroughly, and then choose a law specialisation.

Important Points to Consider Before Choosing a Law Specialisation

Important Points to Consider Before Choosing a Law Specialisation

Here are important points to consider before choosing a law specialization

Know Your Passion

Yes, you’ve already decided to pursue law, but now is the time to know in which area you would like to specialise. Law is a comprehensive field that requires immense hard work, and you certainly don’t want to end up in a career that you’re not passionate about. It will become taxing in the long run, and you might not even enjoy studying that field.

The best thing to do is thoroughly read about every specialisation and know what’s what. You also need to introspect and gauge your own personality to know which specialisation will work the best for you. Following your passion will give you far better results in your career, and you will be able to cross any obstacle, easier.

Speak with Lawyers and Students

The best way to know about a field of study in depth is by talking to people who are directly associated with it. Ask them about their work and what occupies their regular day. You can ask anyone known who’s a lawyer to show how their day goes by and even volunteer to work at their office to get a gist.

Get to know about their daily routine and speak with them to understand how their day goes. In this way, you will get a first-hand experience of all the procedural know-hows associated with the specialised legal field. This will help you get LLB course details in a much streamlined manner.

Consult a Career Counsellor or University

Choosing a law specialisation is no cakewalk, and if you’re confused, it’s best to consult a career counsellor. A career counsellor will ask you to take a self-assessment test that will highlight the areas you can consider for your law specialisation. Nevertheless, you can do this by yourself too. There are many online tests available that will guide you through it – the only thing is you need to do it when you have at least some idea about your specialisation.

Furthermore, certain universities also offer in-house counselling and will be happy to help you choose a specialisation. This typically happens when you fill the admission form and need thorough guidance.

There’s no reason to choose the law specialisation all alone by yourself. Advice from established lawyers, career counsellors, and other resources online will help you make a sound decision. Instead of making a half-baked decision, make sure you that you weigh all the pros and cons of a particular specialisation.

Think Long Term

Long term goals should always be established when choosing a field of study, let alone law. It would be best if you were confident and thorough with your choice when choosing a law specialisation. Ask yourself if you will be able to sustain yourself for years to come in this field.

For instance, right now, you’re motivated to pursue a career in criminal law; however, will you want to do it for decades to come? If you have this answer – go right ahead. If you don’t, then there’s still time left to ponder upon the question once again. Don’t make a hasty decision when choosing your law specialisation and definitely don’t decide overnight. Take your time, spend time on researching and weighing all options before you decide on a specialisation.


Choosing a law specialisation is a critical task that must be looked upon at from all angles. The university you choose should also be considered as it will inevitably shape your career. In India, there are only a handful of universities that offer law specialisations, rest every other university only offers the general BA LLB program. If you want to specialise and choose a field of study, go with the university that offers what you want to study.

Universities like UPES offer various law specialisations, including Intellectual Property Rights, Taxation Law, Cyber Law, Criminal Law, Corporate Law, Forensic Law, and much more. All specialisations are industry-aligned and focus on preparing students for a professional career. There are regular moot courts and numerous guest lectures to transform students into lawyers of the future.

Consider the points mentioned above before choosing a law specialisation to give yourself the edge. Get acquainted with LLB course details and make an informed decision.

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