What Really Separates a Good Teacher From the Average One?

A good teacher loves to teach, even when it is difficult. This type of teacher finds a way to engage with each student to expand their minds. There are a number of differences between good and average teachers worth noting.

What Really Separates a Good Teacher From the Average One?

What Really Separates a Good Teacher From the Average One?

Hungry to Learn

A good teacher doesn’t pretend to know everything but is rather seeking ways to improve at all times.

Changes in the classroom, such as the introduction of smart devices and variations in classroom sizes have brought about new ways of teaching that good teachers should pay attention to.

For example, a good teacher is not afraid to incorporate smart technology into their teaching to improve collaboration since smart devices can connect everyone more effectively. Things like group projects can be done more seamlessly this way.

Older and effective ways of teaching could be used through technology as well, such as the Socratic method, which allows students to learn by arguing a particular idea. This can be done through texts or even video chats.

Of course, good teachers go beyond embracing technology and also find ways to embrace various styles of teaching. Some teachers have embraced NLP or neuro-linguistic programming that allows a teacher to help student’s reconstruct the way they view an event, which helps challenge preconceived ideas. The ability to challenge something ingrained in the mind is quite powerful because it creates students who can adapt and grow.

In essence, a good teacher is a good student, willing to learn more about his or her craft as time moves along. This is definitely one sign you are dealing with a teacher who is a cut above the average teacher.

Seeing Beyond Themselves

Another thing that separates a good teacher from an average one is the ability to see beyond the self. Great teachers are always on the lookout for good students, outstanding talent, and gifted individuals.

These teachers are excited every time they encounter an individual who stands out in this way and are more than happy to devote time to develop these gifts. It should be pointed out that great teachers also welcome challenges, like dealing with misbehaved or struggling students.

A teacher who works tirelessly trying to find a way to break through difficult students is quite happy when able to do so. Teachers unwilling to work with bad students and would rather just ride through their teaching career on the backs of students that don’t need much help aren’t taking the job too seriously.

An average educator is also going to be focused on their performance rather than the performance of the students.

These types of educators are going to pay too much attention to their evaluation rather than how well their lessons impacted their students. These types of educators seem to find reward in recognition from their peers rather than recognition from students alone.

Embraces Freedom

You can tell you are dealing with a good teacher because he or she is willing to move with the classroom.

Some teachers, especially average ones, like to stick to a certain curriculum and do not deviate much from it because it helps them get through the day without much difficulty. These teachers use curriculums as a way to reduce the work they have to do since it has worked for them for a long time.

Introducing new ideas, new ways of teaching, or new subjects means they have to work, which is not something they want to do. A great teacher is open to the challenge and open to teaching something beyond what he or she had planned previously.

Sure, this could mean he or she has to go back home and figure out a new lesson plan, but that is what the job calls for at times. Average teachers are complacent and comfortable with routines. These types of teachers usually do not like skeptics or those who challenge their teaching methods.

What drives a good teacher to embrace new ways of doing things or deviations from a lesson plan is pure passion. Those looking for teachers willing to put in the work teaching requires should definitely pay attention to the way these individuals respond to change.

A Personal Touch

Teachers who are merely going through the motions hardly take the time to get to know each student.

The idea of getting to know each individual student seems like a herculean feat, especially for teachers with large classes, but that is another difference between a good teacher and an average one.

Teachers who aren’t willing to get to know each student are going to have a hard time recognizing talent, extracting hidden talent, or figuring out a way to deal with challenging students.

A great teacher takes the time to get to know each student because this is perhaps one of the most effective ways to learn how to teach each student. Its no secret that each individual has their own way of learning, some do it best through visuals while others need to take things a little slower. Educators who are passionate are going to take on that job every single year for every single student.

The effort that great teachers put into their craft shows the entire world why providing educators with great pay, benefits, and true reward is especially important. The bright minds of future generations are truly on the line and people need to recognize that.

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