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Is It Worth to Pay for Essays?

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Let’s face it: tens of thousands of students purchase ready-made essays annually to make their way to top-class degrees. According to the statistics provided by the two biggest UK essay mills, they process more than 20 000 orders a year, helping students to enter Oxford, Cambridge and other top-notch universities.

But is the game worth the candle? Is it worth to pay for essays? Let’s dig deeper along with Lucy Adams, a blogger from Buzz Essay – a pay-for-essay service.

#1 Ethics

The first and foremost issue every conscious student (if we can call a person using essay services conscious) faces is ethics. By cheating the system, you not only risk the reputation but also suppress your ego saying to you something like “You’re cheating! You can pass the test without any external help. You do have talent!” At first glance, such a statement is right to the point, but what if we dig deeper? Do all students are really equal in conditions? What about the next categories:

  • Foreign applicants with an insufficient grasp of English (do you really think a non-native speaker can outperform a native one in essay writing?!)
  • Students engaged in time-consuming volunteering activities.
  • Students with disabilities or personal problems.
  • Applicants working full-time or part-time.

Apparently, none of these four categories has equal chances with other students. So why should they blame themselves for seeking help on the side? Why should they sacrifice their dreams in favor of “fairness,” given the system is unfair by default? Finally, how “fertile” must be the ground to give birth to hundreds of essay mills operating all over the world?!

Unless special conditions cover all categories of applicants and undergraduates, ethical issues can’t be considered as sufficient enough to abandon essay companies.

#2 Dangers

Whether you like it or not, ordering essay services is always gambling. You can never know what to expect even if the company seems to be reliable, but there are some common points to reveal scams:

  • Inability to communicate with the chosen writer. How can you be sure in final result if you can’t track the progress and discuss the key points, let alone the preferable style (a sudden big leap from the “D” to “A” level looks quite suspicious, isn’t it?).
  • No Ph.D., MA and experienced writer onboard. Writers with degrees are a must for any respectful essay mill!
  • Lack of testimonials. The absence of feedback is a sign of either youngness or incompetence. However, even tons of positive reviews mean nothing until you check them by your own. Alas, many companies hire freelancers to fill the feedback section.
  • No contacts and guarantees. A reliable company won’t hide its face. Make sure you can access the service at any time via Skype, email, telephone number, etc. Also, check the presence of the live chat.
  • No samples of previous works. Worthwhile services provide clients with free samples so that they can check how the competent essay should look, as well as the structure and writing style of the potential candidate.
  • Unreasonable price. Although you should never place the price above the quality, overpaying is not an option unless you have a 100% guarantee of getting a premium, plagiarism-free paper. If you’re not limited in budget, make sure the moneyback option is “on.”

Despite all the dangers, you do have all chance to choose a reliable essay company! Here research and analytics comes in handy. Don’t rush with your decision – weight all pros and cons before ordering your first paper.

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#3 Advantages

  • Cheap, regardless of the price. When it comes to essay help, especially admission essay, it’s unlikely you will order it on a constant basis. The spending of $50, $100 or ever $500 is nothing compared with the benefit you’ll get. Don’t you think your dream costs much more?
  • Professionally written and adjusted to your writing style. If you explain all the details and requirements to the chosen performer, you have all chance to get an essay that just can’t be distinguished from your other works. You won’t get caught.
  • Custom writing saves your time. It sometimes happens students can’t complete a few assignments at the same time. By ordering an essay help, you’ll kill two birds with one stone.
  • A professionally-written essay helps you to understand the structure, the main points, and the art of essay writing as a whole. You can learn a lot of interesting from the perfect essay you will get.

To Buy or Not to Buy: That’s Not a Question Any More!

Buying an essay isn’t a question if the service you’re going to use provides plagiarism-free essays written from scratch for adequate prices and with fast turnaround, keeping all private. Until educational systems are full of gaps, one can’t consider ethics as the key factor when making a decision on whether to pay for the help of third-parties or not. Life isn’t fair and only the strongest will survive. Face it!


Lucy Adam is a blogger and aspiring writer. This diligent and responsive author is always ready to bring intriguing topics to life. Lucy covers materials related to education, writing, literature, and many other niches. Don’t miss a brilliant change to start a mutually beneficial collaboration with the blogger!

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