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To What Extent Should The Government Control Advertising

To What Extent Should The Government Control Advertising

Advertising is the phenomenon of spreading something through different media like newspaper, television, public ads etc. Advertisement can be of many things like political advertisements, cosmetics advertisements, food advertisements, electronics advertisements etc. Advertising is necessary because if people have no knowledge about things, how can they use them. But this advertisement should be under controlled conditions. Like, political advertisements are good only to some extent. Many ads which we watch on television contain prohibited content but no one takes action against it.

To What Extent Should The Government Control Advertising

For example, I was watching a drama, but suddenly, sponsored ads started, my little brother was also sitting with me, one of the ads was so cheap that I had to change the channel. What it means? If they do not show such things then their business can’t be established?  It is a very bad thing for young generation, especially children. Another thing is excessive political advertisements. Political advertisements impact badly social and economical values. If a political leader runs his political expedition, many people are affected in different ways. No doubt political advertisement is necessary to some extent but it does not mean that they advertise in such a way that they exploit the ethical, social and economical values.

Government should take steps to control advertising. There must be an organized system to control advertising so that all the advertisements run in a proper way. For example, governmental organizations should have check and balance on advertising companies and political advertisers. The purpose of advertising should be the spread of peace and prosperity not violence. The advertisements concerning unethical content and violence should be banned. Government should play its part in media independence but check and balance is necessary for the social values of a country. Children take advertisements very seriously so the advertising companies should keep this point in mind. There must be a separate governmental department who keep an eye on activities of advertising companies.

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