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10 Reasons Why Old Monk Is The Best


10 Reasons Why Old Monk Is The Best : Old monk is one of those legendary rums of all time. If Jack Sparrow had a gulp of it, he would never drink anything else in his entire life. Old Monk as its name suggest is a medicine for everything and anything. And here is why:

10 Reasons Why Old Monk Is The Best

1# Healing effect:

10 Reasons Why Old Monk Is The Best

Every broken heart can be repaired. One of the best meds for a broken heart or a splitting headache.

2# Talent finder:

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It is one of those few things that make people loose their consciousness and become their real self. In this phase they express their love, pain, anguish and confusion.

3# Jack Sparrow Trick:

Old Monk must be definitely introduced into the Black Pearl.

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4# Sequels mania:

It became such a hit that they decided to release varied names of sequels.

5# National level:

It nearly became a National drink.

6# Matter never Mattered:

They way it can be taken is various. They matter or content in which it was served never put down anybody.

7# Brand of the era:

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Have Royal Enfield? Then you should have OLD MONK.

8# Medicine:

It definitely has some serious medicinal properties including for running nose.

9# Peoples Drink:

It is something that everyone takes equally, rich to poor.

10# Cheap at its Best:

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It is not those 5 stars Dollar Brand. It affordable by all.

11# Bad Day Turns Good:

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Even if your day is ruined, the entire day can give a new dimension with one sip of OLD MONK.

Grab that Old Monk, have the time of your life. No time for disappointments, live happy!

It is legendary. And like anything legendary, it is known by many names. “Budha Sadhu.” “Regular Use Medicine.” Ring a bell? We are talking about the scotch of Rums, the one and only, Old Monk. The Rum has legions of adoring (bordering on fanatic) fans who will throw away a bottle of the finest single malt just for a peg of sweet Old Monk.

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