10+2 Experiences Of Your Hostel Life You Will Miss Them

As I had spent 6 Years in hostel so Who can understand More then me How’s the Hostel Life? What are the Experiences of Hostel Life ? Why should anyone try to live in hostel for minimum 6 months? Hostel is the place at which 90% peoples are thinking that ” Aaj Kuchh Tufani Karte “. Today Here, We had shared some of experiences of hostel life.

Things You Still Miss About Hostel Life

There is not just one reason why you miss your hostel life so much. It was the time you newly tasted freedom, learnt to bear responsibilities and at the same time experienced incomparable fun! One who has lived a life i a hostel, would completely agree it is that one time of life one just can’t forget.

10+2 Experiences Of Your Hostel Life You Will Miss Them

1. Magic of Mid Night tea & Maggi…..#

Things You Still Miss About Hostel Life

Hostel is the best place to share, live and understand the life. You understand the importance of food when you cooked it with your own and often find tea and Maggi the best creation of food!!

2. Love That Whole Night Exam Preparations

Things You Still Miss About Hostel Life

We touch book at front day itself and complete all the syllabus in group studies .that preparation is the best preparation of your life.

3. You are not actually living in your room

Though you have been assigned a room, you are always lying in another friend’s room. Your things are half at your room and half at another one’s room.When I was living in hostel i was staying in one friend’s room whole day .i was going to my room for sleeping only.

 4. You Don’t Know Where Your Things Are….!

Things You Still Miss About Hostel Life

“ kamine mere shoes kyuu liyee” you don’t know who has your shoes and who is wearing your clothes.it is the time of sharing in your life.

5. Your expressions when you see food :-O

Things You Still Miss About Hostel Life

owwwkkk” saale roj ek hi subji banate hain!!

You hate that food when you see it, doesn’t matter if it is actually good. You’re set with mentality that it is bad one.

6. That Aggression When Rector Shout at You.

When rector shouts at you ,you think that he is the most bad man on this earth and you feel like

“ Maar Do Sale Ko”

Things You Still Miss About Hostel Life

7. Not bathing for days. It just keeps getting better isn’t it? And when you felt like you could do with some washing up.. this would happen.

Things You Still Miss About Hostel Life

8. Alarms Of Other Rooms Irritate You Most!

You hate that moment when alarm of other rooms disturb your sleep and you feel like killing him but still you sleep without doing anything because you love your sleep more than killing someone else.

Things You Still Miss About Hostel Life

9. Your Friend Distracts You When you Try To Concentrate!

Your friend sends you a video or image exactly when you have concentrated yourself in your study. And you get distracted from it.

Things You Still Miss About Hostel Life

10. On Cricket Day You Feel Like You Are One Family.

You even find unknown faces in your TV room that you haven’t seen yet. You shout together, you live together and you enjoy it completely!!

Things You Still Miss About Hostel Life

11. Watching movies back to back the whole night. And yeah, it also subjects for your first porn.

Things You Still Miss About Hostel Life

12. Meeting new people and making new Friends

At hostel, you come across with people from the various cultures and various parts of country. You come to know their lifestyles, their cultures and sharing views about your cultures.Friends gained at hostel are the ones that remain for our lifetime. They know about your crazy habits, your stupid moods, your fantasies, but they still choose to be with you. This makes us and our friends comprehend each other’s feelings flawlessly as we see how they react to each circumstance and they do the same. Consequently, we find friends equivalent to family and so, hostel can be given the credit of the same.

These are our hostel life experiences 😉 . Please Share If You Have Some More Experiences. Please Make Comments With Your Experiences.

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