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10 Websites to Get Government Education Grants

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Government Education Grants : Students are now more enthusiastic and keen towards their education. They want to get higher education from well known and well reputed institutions. Well reputed institutions are standing on the strong base of merit i.e. merit is the first priority of good educational institutes. On the other hand, when student is going to join some high standard institute or university, he/she have to manage expenses for study. Everyone is not able to manage all the cost of study so this high cost is the big hurdle in the success of a talented hard working student. But, talented and hardworking students do not have to worry because there are some funding agencies who work for the mankind and to promote education. These educational funding agencies provide funds and grants to eligible students to complete their studies without any trouble. We have compiled a list of some well reputed funding sources and their websites for the information of students.

 Government Education Grants

Indian Council for Philosophical Research (ICPR)

Indian Council for Philosophical Research is the Indian organization for the development of philosophical research and provides opportunities to attend international seminars and conferences provide a platform for different publications and provide research grants for different projects. ICPR provides funds for eligible students to complete their research easily without any economical problem. The major areas for which ICPR provide fellowships are:

  1. Theories of Truth and knowledge
  2. Basic Value of Embodied in Indian Culture and their relevance to National Reconstruction
  3. Normative Inquiries (Ethics and Aesthetics)
  4. Interdisciplinary Inquiries
  5. Philosophy, Science and Technology
  6. Philosophy of Man and Environment
  7. Social and Political philosophy and Philosophy of Law
  8. Comparative and Critical Study in the Philosophical Systems/Movements and Religions
  9. Logic, Philosophy of Mathematics and Philosophy of Language
  10. Metaphysics
  11. Philosophy of Education
  12. Philosophy of Social Sciences


USAID stands for “United States Agency for International Development”. This program is initiated by United States by the help of the people of US. The purpose of USAID is to promote education and development in many countries of the world especially Asian and African countries. USAID help people from low income families to start a good living and to get higher education. Many universities have collaboration with USAID to provide Government Education Grants for students. USAID provide scholarships and grants to students for study in national and international institutes. You’ll have to provide true information about your project and your status to get grant or scholarship from USAID. Different universities have established special information desks about USAID from where the students can get forms to apply for USAID programs. Students can also visit the website of USAID to get updates about new scholarships and study grants.


UNESCO stands for “United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization”. UNESCO is an international organization of United Nation which is working in many countries to promote education and scientific research. For this purpose, UNESCO has started many programs like:

  • Women development
  • Education for all
  • Fellowship programs
  • Internship programs
  • Co-funded programs

The above mentioned programs are education related programs; UNESCO is also driving many other development programs. To apply for a fellowship programs, you should apply through a proper channel because individual applications are not supported due to some reasons. The procedure of application for UNESCO education program is explained in this document:How to Get Education Grants

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

DAAD is a well known program offered by the government of Germany to get scholarships for higher education. DAAD is working in many countries including India. DAAD offers grants and scholarships for undergraduate, graduate and post graduate programs. Students can also avail this scholarship to study different language courses. DAAD announces its scholarship program twice a year covering the MS and PhD programs.

IFP (International Fellowship program)

IFP is a largest program support by Ford Foundation. The mission of this organization is to promote social justice, community development and access to higher education. IFP provides support for getting education from different institutes. IFP is also working for social justice and protection of rights. The provision of quality education for all is the main objective of this organization. IFP provides the individual awards of up to $1,000 to support a wide range of professional, academic and community activities for the benefit of students and their countries. Funds are provided for:

  • Traveling or registration costs associated with attending workshops, conferences or training.
  • Costs associated with research, including data collection, fieldwork, or publication or dissemination of research findings.
  • Support for community projects or initiatives, including, community development and outreach efforts
  • Expenses associated with membership fees for a professional organization.

Download this document to check the eligibility criteria for IFP fellowship program:Eligibility


WWF stands for “world wild life fund”, is an international organization whose offices are located all over the world. The main purpose of this organization is to save wild life and protect nature but it also works for the promotion of love and harmony among the people. It provides educational grants and scholarships for different research projects and promotion of studies. Usually these small grants cover the costs of conservation studies and wildlife research projects.

 Government Education Grants

Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation

Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation is a German based organization which provides education scholarships and research grants for the promotion of higher education. This organization offers different scholarships for MS, Mphill, PhD and other research programs. Students can easily apply for the educational grants via some proper channel with references. The students with urge for knowledge and education should apply for this scholarship to compete with the global challenges.

Australian Agency for International development (AusAID)

AusAID is an international organization based in Australia working for sustainable development of education and to promote interest for research. AusAID provides educational grants and aids to get higher education. These aids are provided in different countries including Asian countries. AusAID grants are awarded under the following themes:

  1. Aid Delivery and Effectiveness
  2. Agriculture and Rural Development
  3. Economic Development
  4. Education
  5. Environment
  6. Governance, Fragile States, Conflict and Disasters
  7. Health
  8. Infrastructure and Technology
  9. Social Protection and Social Inclusion

International Development Research Center (IDRC)

IDRC supports research in developing countries to promote growth and development. They work to achieve the goal of reducing poverty and creating equitable access to resources and services. They support applied research by directly addressing the existing or emerging problems in developing countries. The researchers from developing countries, Master’s, PhD and post-Doctoral Students can apply for the scholarships offered by IDRC.

International Foundation for Science (IFS)

 The international Foundation for Science (IFS) was established to address the stultifying conditions under which younger members in the universities of developing countries were attempting to do research. IFS was founded as a Research council and registered as a non-government organization in Sweden in 1972/ IFS receives funding from a portfolio of donors and funders including development organizations and science academics. IFS has 135 affiliated organizations in 86 countries, mainly in the developing world. IFS gives awards for research projects and for participating in conferences and seminars.

Important Note

All of the above mentioned grants and scholarship providing organizations need some talent and new ideas. So if you have a plan to apply for international scholarship or grant then keep the following points in mind:

  • Select a subject/topic of your interest
  • Create a good, distinct and insisting cover letter
  • Attach your certificates and research idea
  • Add some valid reference who can provide the assurance of your ability
  • Tell about your social status but do not show yourself week
  • Show your motivation and enthusiasm

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