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5 Home Inverter Problems and Their Easy to Fix Solutions

UPS is one of the most essential devices when it comes to providing uninterruptible power supply in homes and offices during a power cut. It provides power during power outages so that our appliances and devices run smoothly and without interruption. But what if your inverter has a problem and it does not work properly?

5 Home Inverter Problems and Their Easy to Fix Solutions

There are various problems that an inverter can encounter that in turn affects its operations and performance. On that note, in this post, we list some of the common inverter problems and their solutions.

The Inverter won’t turn on.

This is one of the most common inverter problems. Some of the possible reasons for an inverter not turning on include a bad switch, faulty wires, battery not connected, loose battery terminals, dead or discharged battery. If the power switch is defective, you must take it to a service center for repair. If the battery is faulty, consider replacing it. If the battery is low, you should charge it for a few hours. Conversely, if it is old, you should replace it completely. Also, check if the battery terminals are loose, or if there’s any corrosion. Make sure you clean them before tightening them.

The battery won’t turn charge.

Another common inverter problem that people face is the battery not charging. One reason for this could be a dead battery and in this case the battery needs to be replaced. Other possible causes are a burnt rectifier, a blown fuse, and a loose battery connection. In these cases, you should call a professional and have the battery checked. You must also check the battery terminals for corrosion.

Reduced back up time.

Is your battery not offering ample backup time? It may be due to excessive power consumption and in this case you need to remove the extra load. The problem might also occur if the battery is not charged properly. Similarly, if the battery loses its electrolyte, the backup time may be reduced. To avoid such problems, regularly refill the battery with distilled water. Remember that the water level must be maintained between the maximum and minimum water limits.

The inverter is continuously or intermittently beeping.

Sometimes the UPS alarm may continue to beep continuously or intermittently. In this case, the cause may be an overload of the inverter or a clogged cooling fan. In case of an overload issue, disconnect all loads. If the problem persists, you may have to bring the inverter to a service center or contact a professional for help. Each inverter is equipped with a cooling fan that must operate as long as the unit is running. If the cooling fan cannot maintain a temperature cool enough for safe operation, the inverter will automatically shut down or it will sound an alarm to notify you that the unit needs to be turned off. In addition, if the fan is stuck for some reason and cannot cool the inverter, the unit will sound an alarm to warn you to turn it off.

The inverter is tripping.

Tripping can be a potential problem with your inverter. To fix the inverter tripping problem, press the “Reset” button and it will work. Otherwise, the inverter may experience other problems. One of the solutions is to buy a brand new high-quality inverter from a reputable brand like Luminous India that offers a generous warranty period, excellent after-sales service and unique inverter features.

Last Word

If your inverter is not working despite all your efforts to fix it then you should consider buying a new UPS inverter. We recommend that you buy from Luminous India, one of the most trusted inverter brands in the country with a huge customer base of 70 million plus satisfied customers.

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