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Why Pokémon Go Is The Most Hot App In 2016?

Why Pokémon Go Is The Most Hot App In 2016?

Pokemon Go : Most Viral App

Wouldn’t you be surprised if somebody said that Pikachu, Charizard, Venusaur and Blastoise have been discovered? These are famous characters of Pokémon and offer you an impeccable chance to indulge into a gaming experience like never before. You can now get your chance to capture as well as discover many Pokémon near you. This game offers you a chance to be a part of one of the three teams and wage battles with your Pokémon beside you for the ownership as well as the prestige of the Gyms. Pokémon GO download has crossed all levels of any other download in the history of gaming.

Why Pokémon Go Is The Most Hot App In 2016?

The very basic objective is that the Pokémon are all out there and you need to find them as much as you can. While you are taking a walk in your neighbourhood, your smartphone will start to vibrate as soon as a Pokémon is nearby. Just throw your Poké ball after taking a good aim. But be careful and stay alert, else there is a possibility that they might get away. You need to make a wide and thorough search for the Pokémon’s and their items.

Few of the Pokémon can be found close to their local environment. For instance, you can search for a water based Pokémon next to oceans and lakes. You can even visit Pokéstops, which can be located in places like monuments, museums, historical markers as well as art installations to collect Poké Balls in addition to other helpful items.

As your levels in the game increases, you will be successful in catching much more powerful Pokémon in order to complete your Pokédex. Your collections can be increased by hatching the Pokémon Eggs. It will be dependent on the distance walked by you. You can aid your Pokémon to evolve by catching many Pokémon’s of the same kind. You can even defend your Gym by taking on the battles.

For instance, as the Charmander evolves to form Charmeleon and finally Charizard you can wage the battle along with them to defend your Gym or defeat the opponents. You can even assign a specific Pokémon to defend your Gym against all comers.

It is necessary that you get an idea of the working of the game, before you immerse yourself in Pokémon Go. This implies with respect to knowing your surroundings, the mechanics of the game as well to know how to use your Pokédex along with other stuff. You need to have a Google Account or a Pokémon Trainer Club account in order to sign up for the Pokémon Go. Pokémon Go will store your entire information on its servers. Hence, one of the following two methods must be used by you in order to align your Pokémon data with respect to your device.

Following the signup after Pokémon GO download, you are required to customize your avatar. You are in the liberty of selecting the gender, pants, the colour of the eye and hair, shoes, backpack style, pants and so on. You will enter the main game area i.e. the Pokémon Go map after the customization of the avatar.

Why Pokémon Go Is The Most Hot App In 2016?

The main game area is nothing but an animated version of Google Maps. In the map, the local landmarks will serve as the Pokémon Gyms and Pokéstops. Your avatar moves when you move in the real world. The vibration of the phone will indicate the presence of a nearby Pokémon. You can attempt to catch them by tapping on them.

The information about the character can be viewed by tapping on the player icon located at the bottom left corner on your screen. The items picked up by you on the course of your journey will be stored in your backpack.

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