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8 Best Ways to Impress a Gujju Girl

8 Ways to Impress a Gujju Girl

You might be able to get all kinds of girl but there is this species of girls that are tougher to get than the rest! Yes, these are the girls from Gujarat proudly calling themselves as Gujju Girls.

8 Ways to Impress a Gujju Girl

8 Ways to Impress a Gujju Girl

But worry not, here are a list of ways through which you could impress a gujju girl.

#1 Make yourself a Garba freak

This might sound ridiculous but it works! Gujarati girls are naturally fond of Garba and that’s the easiest way through their heart.

Not only she will notice you, but would also get fond of you.

8 Ways to Impress a Gujju Girl

#2 Become a foodie

Unlike other girls, Gujju girls don’t really care about their weight or diet only until you give them some of the best food items to eat. They might also get impressed with a simple street food like Paanipuri.

8 Ways to Impress a Gujju Girl
#3 Learn how to spend money

Trust the word, if you are good at saving money along with spending at appropriate times, a gujju girl is bound to get impressed by you. Nothing makes her happier than having someone who knows how to impress even without money.

8 Ways to Impress a Gujju Girl

#4 Take interest in business and more thing alike

A gujju girl, in general, has grown up around her father, uncles and even the females growing their own business and having the best knowledge. She will be instantly impressed to see that you have the same interest.

8 Ways to Impress a Gujju Girl
#5 Take her on short trips

Travelling is one hobby which every Gujarati has in them. And it will surprise you to know how much that makes her happy with those short trips to nearby places.

8 Ways to Impress a Gujju Girl
#6 Try to be an unusual romantic

No gujju girl likes anything mainstream and romance is one of them. Try and approach them in unusual and surprising ways and you will see how clearly she blushes with such gestures.
8 Ways to Impress a Gujju Girl

#7 Never try to rule her down

A gujarati has grown up in a more independent environment than many other girls and hate it when someone tries to rule her down or be possessive about her. Make her know that you will never intervene with her freedom and space. And she will be as impressed as she could be.

8 Ways to Impress a Gujju Girl

#8 Be yourself, just know how to cook

While it is true that food is a way to a man’s heart, it is true for the Gujju girls as well. If she knows that you have some amazing culinary skills she will be instantly impressed. The happiness of having someone to make you lunch/dinner can make anyone happy, but a Gujju girl more!

8 Ways to Impress a Gujju Girl

Wish you good luck in impressing one! 

Share your views in comments… 🙂

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