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8 Reasons Why Chennai is The Best Place to Live

8 Reasons Why Living in ChennaiĀ is Awesome!!

Chennai is the capital city of Tamil Nadu and is the largest economic, cultural and educational place in South India.

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We are to discuss 8 reasons why living in Chennai is awesome!


Reasons Why Living in CHENNAI is Awesome!!

South Indian cuisine in Chennai is as famous as the state itself. The mout watering Dosa, Idli, Saambar, and a lot more will make you drool. The sweet and sour combination will make you go crazy. “Prems Graama Bhojanam” is one of the best places in Chennai that serves fabulous South Indian food.


Reasons Why Living in CHENNAI is Awesome!!

The people of Chennai show a lot of respect and importance when it comes to culture. Dance (especially Bharatnatyam), drama, classical music, and other cultural activities are found to be held almost every day in any of the auditoriums out of so many. People also engage themselves in the art of paintings and poetry.


Reasons Why Living in CHENNAI is Awesome!!

The Ranganthan Street in Chennai is the world’s most crowded place. And why not? The eye catching jewelry showrooms and clothing stores attract more and more people from different parts of the world to shop here. Well, such crowd also builds up surviving qualities in us.


8 reasons why living in Chennai is awesome

Yes, Chennai is famous for its scenic beauty. But one cannot miss the temples in here. Huge temples are present everywhere. The people in Chennai are quite religious and one can surely feel the presence of God if surrounded by so many temples. The “Kapaleeswarar temple” is one of the most famous temple in this state. Its beauty is mesmerizing. In any auspicious day, such huge temples are found to be highly decorated which is really awesome!


8 reasons why living in Chennai is awesome

The beaches of Chennai is another wow factor. The Marina Beach is the most famous beach of Chennai. Watching the sun set sitting at the shore of the sea is totally mesmerizing.


8 reasons why living in Chennai is awesome

The Kathipara flyover is in the shape of a cloverleaf and is the largest cloverleaf in Asia. This flyover is located at Alandur and intersection junction of four roads of Chennai; the Grand Southern Trunk Road, Anna Salai, Inner Ring Road and the Mount-Poonamallee Road. This view really makes us feel international!


8 reasons why living in Chennai is awesome

South Indian cinema actually originates in Chennai. People of Chennai have great craze for cinema and thus is one of the factors of the state being popular!


8 reasons why living in Chennai is awesome

Chennai is perhaps the only state that celebrates its birthday! Chennai was previously known to be as Madras. On 22nd august, every year, the Madras day is celebrated from the day before and after. Huge rallies are seen at the Fort St. George in Chennai. People share happiness and love.

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