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The Best VPS Provider in India – MilesWeb or HostGator?

A virtual private server (VPS) is sold by a hosting provider as a virtual service. A VPS has its own copy of an Operating System which the customers have full access to. They can install any software that runs on that Operating System. VPS hosting is generally provided by common hosting providers which host websites and domains. For instance, VPS can be provided by MilesWeb, HostGator, Bigrock etc. However, it is important to choose the right provider to host VPS depending on the features, price, bandwidth etc. Here is a comparison between MilesWeb and HostGator.


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MilesWeb provides powerful and high performance Virtual Private Servers at relatively low costs! It is known for its excellent speed and is available in India, UK, US and Romania. You’re offered great stability and flexibility minus the costs and complexities. VPS hosting comes off as the midway solution between shared hosting and dedicated server, where in the actual hardware server is virtually divided into many isolated virtual servers. MilesWeb VPS is the perfect solution for those seeking a robust service, fast loading pages and appropriate stability at an ideal price. MilesWeb also offers self- managed or un-managed Linux VPS hosting plans in India, which starts at just $12/mo.

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Best VPS Hosting features:

  • Dedicated Server Equivalent: Linux VPS hosting by MilesWeb is ideal for websites that have already outgrown shared web hosting or reseller hosting. You can get a dedicated server like environment along with almost all features of a dedicated server at a nominal price.
  • Unmatched Server Performance: Each Linux VPS is setup as a hardware-virtualized server environment with the computing power of dual hexa core processors attached on the main host server to ensure that all VPSs deliver optimum performance and reliability.
  • Easy Usability: MilesWeb makes it easy for you to handle your virtual server as it provides you with an easy to use control panel and interface.
  • The VPS environment is customizable, which lets you install and run any web application of your choice, have your own PHP .ini files etc. You have complete control over the VPS.
  • High quality server hardware, low latency network and powerful management tools are present.
  • MilesWeb lets you host and manage multiple websites simultaneously on the same Virtual server, thereby saving your money and efforts!
  • With scalable RAM feature, you can scale the memory allocation depending on your requirement and there is no need of a reboot.
  • MilesWeb allows for instant setup and packages are deployed immediately after an order is completed and payment is verified.
  • The Customer support/ billing department is actively available 24/7/365.


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HostGator provides dedicated control and functionality on a scalable environment. A HostGator VPS is entirely personalized and can be upgraded any time as a growth in your site is detected. You are allowed total control by full root access and you could also install advanced software and completely customize your hosting environment.

  • HostGator provides full support for container boot related issues, investigating network related issues, hardware related issues, issue with deployment of VPS, set-up and re-installation of VPS, Container login issues etc.
  • HostGator provides both quality and performance.
  • The Linux VPS Hosting of HostGator is also an ideal intermediary between shared hosting and dedicated server. With full root access, customization of advanced software is possible and cPanel is also available. Moreover, you get unlimited domains, sub domains, FTP Accounts, email accounts etc. You also get private name servers
  • The presence of 24/7 award winning customer service is also a notable feature.
  • Cutting Edge hardware: Dual Intel Xeon E5-2643 v2 3.5 GHz, 25M Cache, 8.0 GT/s QPI, Turbo, HT, 6C, 130W, Max Mem, 96GB RAM.

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MilesWeb and HostGator pose as tough competitions to each other due to the presence of same technical aspects and features. However, to narrow down the conclusion, MilesWeb clearly provides plans which give a greater bandwidth and space at a nominal price in comparison to HostGator. Moreover, in performance and speed of the setup, MilesWeb is a step ahead of HostGator. The scalable RAM feature is one more aspect which adds credits to MilesWeb. From the various features enlisted above, it can be thus concluded that MilesWeb would be a better choice for VPS Hosting in India.

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  • Choosing right web host for your website has become critical choice. The above blog would certainly help to know better web host. I have read both companies plans, and I am gonna select milesweb, for my website. Thanks for sharing information.

  • I hosted my website with MilesWeb and performance of website also improve. Prices are competitive along with interesting coupons. They migrate data in a short span of time and after that, you will get your login details. Their support handle issue professionally and I will suggest MilesWeb to everyone!!!

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  • Quality of service in terms of technical support provided by the team of MilesWeb is outstanding and they are reachable via email, chat, phone 24*7, therefore I do not worry even if I face any issue but that is also true that I hardly face any issue. strongly recommended!!!!!

  • I am very happy with the discount I got from MilesWeb. I love this hosting company and I am going to host a new website on their server and they have offered me Free SSL certificate, 24*7*365 support, backup plans and good uptime.

  • MilesWeb is best in terms of quality, price and technical support. They are available 24*7*365 days via live chat, emails and toll-free. They provide free SSL Certificate free on web hosting plan. Strongly recommended their service to everyone!!

  • I’ve been with MilesWeb for nearly a year and I am very happy with the service. They offer a variety of plans to suit any website with a great price. Best service with friendly customer support.

  • It’s been 2 years with the MilesWeb hosting provider and I am very happy with MilesWeb support and service. My website is receiving the huge amount of traffic but never faced downtime. They give 365 days and 24/7 technical support through chat, email, and phone. If you face any issue regarding the server, MilesWeb support team is always there for you. I would strongly recommend MilesWeb service to everyone!!

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