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How to Earn Money With Studybay Affiliate Program?

Today, e-commerce is a part of our everyday lives. These e-commerce companies make use of certain affiliated websites to promote the products they sell and help visitors reach the products. These websites generally gather a group of regular users. The marketing process itself, sometimes takes place through these websites. It’s basically a link between the producer and the end-user. This tends to be known as affiliate marketing.

Introduction About StudyBay

StudyBay is a marketplace where authors can work as freelancers. Students are the main targets of StudyBay. It is highly beneficial for students as they can find various materials of high educational use. The authors convert their knowledge into a piece of article and post it here. One can find various materials like essays, academic papers, dissertation etc here. Authors on the other hand can pen down their intelligence in the form of words and get rewarded in terms of money for their efforts. They also get a great deal and experience here. Mostly qualified writers are only offered the job of putting in information in StudyBay. So, it’s a trustworthy marketplace.

After students signup on the website, they are asked to log in. Then, they can go ahead with the process of searching any type of article they want to.

  • All the articles here are plagiarism-free. They are unique and the site also provides money-back guarantee.
  • Once the student places an order, the writers make their offers. After this, the student hires a writer and then, the writer gets to work.

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How StudyBay Affiliate Program works

StudyBay Affiliate program monetizes educational traffic from English-speaking countries. All types of traffic are accumulated here but there is no possibility of presence of spam. StudyBay pays you on a regular basis (everyday basis, if required) and the minimum payout is 10$. The standard payment method is through cards. (Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and Payoneer)

Below is a list of some attractive attention-drawing promotional materials available in StudyBay

  • Banners
  • Order forms
  • Links
  • Landings
  • Keywords

According to your orders, StudyBay provides you with some mind-blowing offers. It gives you a neat 60% off on your first order and reduces 15% from subsequent orders. 10$ are offered for every attracted partner and 5% commission is given for referral program when you attract a new partner through your referral link. It also provides detailed statistics for every order that is placed.

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StudyBay gets your work done at the soonest. There is no delay. Security of content is assured as SSL 128 bit encryption is used to protect personal information. Moreover, it costs only 5$ per page, which is a nominal rate, relatively. You could also save more money with the presence of a wide range of offers. There are no intermediaries present, either. This is a great environment for students to receive bids and assign their work to experienced and qualified writers. This saves students’ time and efforts, especially in case they’re doing a part-time job.

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StudyBay has accumulated over 10k authors till date and it keeps increasing. These authors have worked on more than 55k subjects so far, which is the reason behind the excellence of the service. StudyBay also has an amazing customer service which reaches out to your issues and tries to solve them as soon as possible. Queries can either be technical or general. You just have to select the Support tab and type in your query. Online chat service is also available.

How to promote StudyBay Affiliate Program

StudyBay delivers a lot of promotional material which could be used to gather audience in a simple manner. You could easily choose from the provided materials such as CTA buttons, the list of keywords, landing pages, banners, pop-ups etc. The promotional materials are supported by different devices and Operating Systems. The promotional equipments can be tested through A/B testing which shows a positive result. If you have educational blogs, they can be monetized through StudyBay’s Affiliate Program.

Pros of StudyBay Affiliate Program

  • 57%, which is the highest conversation rate in the industry can be obtained.
  • The largest number of rebills for each product ranges from 5 to 9.
  • Traffic can be converted even on weekends and holidays. It is possible 24/7
  • Instant payments are possible everyday with minimum payout 10$
  • One can find the coolest promotional stuff here!

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StudyBay is one of the leading affiliate programs that show way to unexplored ideas in the minds of authors. It contains all types of educational blogs and makes revenue easily. If you want to either put your ideas in the right platform or if you want to get ideas and get your work done simply in a brief span of time, you should definitely try out StudyBay Affiliate Program. It’s relatively the best you must have come across.

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