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SendPulse Review: Carry Simplicity Along with You in Email Markering

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If you want all the technological work that you do to be done in a much simpler and easy manner, SendPulse is the exactly the platform for you. It is a pretty user friendly platform that is based completely on automation. It assists you in handling your business minus all that tension, stress and over thinking. It helps you organize your business activities without you having to go through all that manually. It puts forward a variety of plans including free plans to try out before buying a commercial plan. As this system is blessed with artificial intelligence, almost like the smartphones that we all use, communication is possible through SMS, email, web push etc.

Sendpulse is happy to take up all the tiring email activities

The artificial intelligence system has a thousand benefits. First of all, it has the capacity to track the user’s activities such as the time of opening emails, mostly mailed person, content and design preference, product purchases etc. After all these details are taken into consideration, it suggests you the right time and right channel of communication to use. It helps you add and delete unwanted emails from the list. Full email lists can also be transferred. The lists can be brought in from multiple different marketing service providers like Constant Contact, MailChimp, Unisender etc.

Sendpulse also provides automated email marketing. These emails are basically campaigning emails that are sent to all the subscribers such as holiday greetings, order confirmation emails, welcome emails etc. SendPulse makes you not manually send these emails. It takes these activities on itself and automated features help you successfully accomplish these activities. Sometimes, when subscribers follow a link mentioned in the first email, automated sending can be enabled. Automated mailing can consist of multiple emails.

The Template gallery

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Campaigning is possible easily through automated mailing. The mailing list simply needs to be included in your address book which consists of the sender and receiver ID. The templates that are provided are amazingly organized and classy. You would be requiring them on a regular basis. They can be used depending on the specialty of the day. When you select a template, you will be linked to the drag’n’drop email editor where you can edit templates with the given tools with ease. The template collection consists of more than 100 active templates. There’s hence division of work at display. It reduces the time taken for sending these emails largely. You just need to change the text and images subsequently. The templates are not pixelated. So, it supports any screen resolution and turns out to be great.

Split Testing & Its Process

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When you’re not exactly aware of which elements would return good open rates and click rates, you should go for testing. For instance, if you want to test the color of a button, you simply go for testing. Take about 30% of your total subscribers and send 15% of them blue and the other 15% green. Check the outcome. Check which color is more receptive. If the green button is more receptive, send the rest 70% of your subscribers, messages with the green button. It will not be disappointing. Sendpulse’s split testing feature lets you conduct your own split test dealing with any of the following elements:

  • The subject line, header and preheader
  • The location of the text, fonts, size etc
  • Photos, links, buttons and the number of each of them to be present in an email
  • Calls to action.

When you send a notifying email, you obviously cannot expect 100% response. The average response is measured to be around 15%. Some people would have not even opened their emails. So, you might have to resend the emails to them, thereby increasing the response rate by say 40-60% depending on your reputation and name.


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Statistics play an important role in business development. It helps you know the efficiency of your email marketing. It can be measured through data such as open rate, click rate, error statistics, geographic statistics and device statistics. You also need to possess a reliable SMTP server. You can link Sendpulse’s server with CMS or CRM and then send out emails. SendPulse provides a proper API documentation in detail afterwards. You can also send web push notifications which would bring your website a lot of new viewers and visitors. Through this feature, you can send subscribers a brief message about your upcoming products, discounts, offers etc. This is possible on all major browsers like Chrome, Safari etc. This feature does not come with a price tag attached. It’s absolutely free.

SMS promotion

You can easily reach out to the masses through SMS. It’s a unique feature of SendPulse. It’s a free plan but it comes with a 10 SMS restriction, after which you’ll have to buy SMSs. You can send SMS even internationally with the recipient’s name on the SMS.

SendPulse has a lot of knowledge based tutorials and other details on their website. They also have a YouTube channel which has a good reach.

  • If your subscribers are below 2500, you can send up to 15000 newsletters for free each month. You can also try out the SMTP service using the first 12000 emails for free.
  • The webpush notifications of SendPulse are free.
  • If you have over 2500 subscribers then you can either pay for the monthly subscription or you can pay for every mail you send. You can check the details on the website and choose accordingly.

For these many good features, SendPulse has not been receiving the deserved hype. So, go check it out for your own benefits.

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