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Essay on Ragging | Paragraph on How To Prevent Ragging

Ragging Essay : How to Prevent Ragging ?

What is Ragging ?

After passing out high school or higher secondary there is a long discussion in every home about where their child is going to study, their hostel, etc. Some students are lucky enough to get admission wherever they want to. Others get in their less preferred choices. Truth is however that maximum of these Hugh reputed colleges are equally good bad the faculties are equally qualified as their less glamorous counterparts. The only difference is that some of these emerge out to get more name and fame due to many situations.

Ragging Essay : How to Prevent Ragging ?

Every college is now in a competitive mood and they are trying to improve both quality of teaching and their infrastructure. These competition renders out colleges as centers of good educational environment.

Students come to colleges with a lot of hopes and parents to send them for the same reason. That, they will pass out bright and will fetch them a secured future. But the road to that progress may not be as simple as it seems. There may be the existence of unthinking seniors who are lurking out at them to dominate them with their cruel or humiliating behavior.

Many students coming to colleges were previously not hostellers. They stay under the protection of their parents at their homely environment. Many of them feel very homesick, nervous and afraid of being away from home. At such situation seniors should be loving and welcoming them with kind behavior. Naturally every such child feel abandoned and lost. But instead on consideration, they get humiliation and unspeakable atrocities in the name of ragging.

Ragging literally means prank behavior. But in many hostels all sort of barbaric and humiliating behavior is shown by the seniors to the new entrants. They do it in the name of having some fun or to repeat doing the same to their predecessors, which their seniors did to them. In the name of fun whatever they do, it harasses the young mentally and physically. They get afraid and their self-esteem lowers.

Parents send their children to good colleges by spending so much of money and labor. Poor parents even have to sell or mortgage their patriarchal properties. Even they do that happily in the hope that the sacrifice will pay off. And their child will be able to shine. But they do not have any idea about what speed breakers would slow or break their children on the way. Many students commit suicide or run away from college getting fed up of ragging. Newspaper and other mass media often reports such cases. Naturally the children cannot take it. Getting to a new place needs time to get adjusted also. At that moment if somebody lowers down the self-respect and esteem, it is hurting them like hell. Even the academics get effected.

In spite of ban on ragging, these continues to occur. Local students are saved from ragging by staying at home but the outsiders have to face it all. Helplines are given and anti-ragging campaign is also setup at college. But something must surely be done to uproot this evil.

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  • I think there is no route to combact ragging because no action has been taken by students they try to face it insted of bluntly refused it as i think new entrants thought that they are here for 3-4 year to get education rather than taking revenge but when limit crossed they have nothing to do….